Thursday, July 8, 2010

I was super tough but now I'm super strong!

All of a sudden, I don't feel too bad about it anymore.

Am I sad? Yeah, still am, but NOT as depressed as I was before.

Am I over it? I'd be lying if I said I was. I'm over the fact that I've been replaced, though. Over him? Almost there.

I'm just surprised at myself that I'm actually handling this well.

Thank God I'm surrounded by the most amazing and supportive friends.

It really does help talking about it and listening to each other's woes.

Hindi man na-solusyunan ng pag-uusap ang problema, at least ramdam na ramdam ko na kahit iniwan ako e hinding hindi naman ako mag-iisa (kahit kailan)

At kahit na nasawi sa pag-ibig, hindi naman ibig sabihin e walang nagmamahal sakin. Actually, mas nadama ko n amaraming nagmamahal sakin ngayon kaysa noon.

Damang dama ko kung sino talaga ang nagmamalasakit at ang tunay na matatakbbuhan ko sa panahon ng gipitan.

I'm channeling some Kelis pos vibes, Sobrang bet ko ang Chorus.

Sa mga kaibigan ko at karamay sa hinanakit, try niyo pakinggan at namnamin ang mga salita ni ateh:

I'm not ashamed of winning
But it wasn't that way in the beginning
It was this way
It was kiss me
Come kick me and diss me
I had to give it up
Now it's a way different feeling
You took my soul I had to steer it back
Now it's this way
Now it's with me
No mistake just listen
I had to give it up

All of this pain you had given
It's just a reminder of livin'
It was crazy, had a baby
He's amazin, he saved me
And this time it's just us
You raised up, I can say that
I was too young, I'll never get that back

Now it's this way
Now it's flipped babe
I'm happy, just listen
I had to give it up

I was super cool
But now I'm super strong
I had nothing to loose
But I was super wrong
It was the circumstance
I got the power from
I was super tough
But now I'm super strong
Super strong

I'm a braveheart
I'm a braveheart
I'm a braveheart
So come and pin my purple heart
Come and pin my purple heart
Come and pin my purple heart
I didn't run

[Chorus x2]

So yeah, di pa ako fully recovered, but I'm not heavy-hearted anymore

After all, I'm not the one who chose to downgrade.


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