Saturday, July 3, 2010

GOLD for Ellie Goulding!

I'm totally loving this girl:

Parang kadiri, noh? coming from me...

But what I meant was, I'm totally digging her music! :)

Listen up:

OK, the music videos... ummm.... not so lovin' it.

These British directors need to let loose some more...

Parang gusto nilang maging bongga at sumayaw pero bigla silang nahiya kaya ang lumabas e mejo pilit.

But still, I love her music.

There's something about her voice and accent that's very unique and her song writing that's very... um... poetic

But me, I'm more of a melody/harmony person. I just love her sound altogether...

Her album totally rocks. I was listening to it on loop and shuffle the other day and wala akong mai-skip na track; they're all very consistent sounding (with varying levels and flavors of emotions to it) and very refreshing.

Follow her Youtube channel here, and check out her latest single and video, "Under the sheets" here (because I can't embed it)

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