Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gay = freedom

I posted this pic on FB a couple of weeks ago and I got some very funny comments after:

It wasn't a complete surprise when a good friend mentioned, "... So tuwang tuwa ka naman nung tinawag kang ma'am!"

Standard naman ang sagot ko sa tanong na yan:

May notches pa ako... so hanggang di pa ako sirena, "sir" pa din naman akong maituturing. Pero OK lang naman, minsan pumapayag naman akong maging "ma'am".

Contrary to the belief of most people, I rather enjoy being a gay guy. Meaning a dude with dude parts who bang (or gets banged) by other dudes. To be honest, I quite enjoy having my cherries and a stick and I won't trade my family jewels for a vajayjay.

But I do enjoy "dressing up" from time to time. I like wearing make-up even if I'm wearing "normal" guy clothes.

I know, it's slightly disturbing. How very David Bowie meets Boy George meets Adam Lambert (para naman mejo contemporary)

It might be a little freaky, it might be in your face, but I completely lavett!!!

You see, one thing I realized when I came out was that I no longer had to mind the "rules" of gender...

I mean, I don't have to worry about doing something that is too flamboyant, I no longer had to look like a run-of-the-mill guy to appear as if I'm NOT gay.

All those rules of machisimo just flew out the window.

I can wear whatever I want

I can act in any way I want

I can speak in any manner that I choose to

Because I am gay!

I can be as queer as I want and it wouldn't matter because I am gay!

I don;t have to care about what people think about me anymore because I am gay and whatever weirdness I possess or exhibit, people will just attribute to my being gay.

And I couldn't care less, coz that's what I really am - gay!

Imagine THAT sense of freedom!

So I can go on drag if I want to, not because I want to be a girl, but because I CAN! and I don;t care what other people would think of me :D

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