Sunday, July 18, 2010

Dear Old Spice Marketing, ang galing nyo, yun lang!

It, apparently started with this:

It's totally crazy, and campy, and sexy! I LAVETT!!!

The guy is ABSolutely HOTT!!!

His voice so deep and sexy.

His body is one big chunk of juicy beef smothered in dark chocolate!

But most of all, he's REALLY charming! (his real name is Isaiah Mustafa)

SO it really doesn't matter if the creative material is TOTALLY whacked, you'd still wanna jump that boat and get it on with this man. I mean, he looks absolutely crazy and still he looks soo cool and sexy!

In fairness kay Old Spice, slightly Youtube sensation ang bago nilang ad and a lot, and I mean A LOT, of people have been responding to it!

They even make Old Spice guy RESPOND to some of the Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter comments and questions!

Like so:

Jordan Santos level lang ang humor! Ang gago Lang!

I am seriously laughing my face off as I'm typing this. This is the last video in their campaign (at least for now):

In fairness to Old Spice Marketing folks, this totally got people talking. The combination is perfect: charming half-nekkid sexy man, the crazy and funny spiels, incorporated with the Old Spice "proprietary look"

But THIS has gotta be the best:

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