Monday, June 14, 2010

Rest in peace Aljohn

This morning while checking my news feed, I saw this (check out the bottom part)

Alam ko burol ni Aljohn kagabi.... so how come hes adding friends on FB pa!?!?!?!

* * *

I was hanging with office friends last Saturday in Greenhills, just chilling and boy-watching.

I checked my FB and was surprised to find several HS friends posting "rest in peace" messages on a certain AJ Cruz's wall.

Was it a joke? If ever it was, it's not funny

I checked out his wall and saw that several other people were doing the same thing.

OK, this is creepy, I thought to myself.

First of all, when someone dies, do you REALLY want to post condolences on his wall? we all know he can't read them and he won't be responding to them (if he responds, well, that's another story). I'm not sure about FB etiquette upon the death of the user but one thing's for sure: Personally, when I die, I don;t want condolences on my profile, in my blog, even in my PR account. Nah-uh! No way! creepy!

Then I started wondering who "AJ Cruz" was. Which made me kinda sad.

I added the guy a couple of months back but never really interacted with him. I think I put him in my ""Da Who?" list (an FB friends list where I put all those people who add me but I can't seem to recall but I find embarassing NOT to accept coz we have common friends) I didn't really get to interact with him. ACtually, I had no idea (back then) who he is.

Up until now.

Well, the important thing is, it appears I'm only one of the few who didn;t quite remember him. From the ovcerflowing posts on his wall, it looks like he made quite an impression on people.

Too bad he's gone.

I heard from a friend that he died of lung complications due to smoking.

This news is making me tense, and makes me wanna smoke 2 sticks of yosi. Pakshet!

Rest in peace Aljohn.


  1. may mga HS friends na din akong nagrest in peace. So I can so relate!

  2. hindi po yosi ang cause kung bakit namatay si kuya aljohn. nagkaneumonia sya and lumala kaya nagkaroon sya ng komplikasyon sa lungs.. cousin nya po ito..


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