Monday, June 28, 2010

Raving about Kelis

Sobrang haba ng pila ng FX kanina sa Megamall!

As in OA!

At dahil walang wifi at wala naman akong touchscreen phone so kinareer ko ang aking iPod at pinakinggan ang mga bagong download ko na album (hahaha!)

I listened to Kelis' new album Flesh Tone and I have to say: POTAH ang ganda nya!

Imagine the Kelis that we all know:

went from bringing the boys to the yard to rallying, what to me sounds like, the entire gay population with her new reinvented self, now less slutty but more divalicious, larger than life, and still overflowing with that (less skanky) Milkshake of hers!

The Club-y sound is VERY appropriate for her voice quality and vocal range. Not to mention I'm totally diggin the wild outfits and the crazy sick beats! They make me wanna dance!

Below is a tracklist of her new album:

  1. Intro
  2. 22nd Century
  3. 4th of July (Fireworks)
  4. Home
  5. Acapella
  6. Scream
  7. Emancipate
  8. Brave
  9. Song for the Baby
It appears moving to the new label (which is under Will I Am) was a good move ofr her. She was repackaged completely and effectively.

And they tapped club/house masters like Benny Benassi, David Guetta, etc to work on this album, hence, the very hip and sophisticated sounding tracks!
from here

I listended to them OVER AND OVER again on shuffle mode on my way home.

Needless to say, Kelis made waiting for a ride sound like a party!

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