Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'll be your Commander!


Nakita ko na rin video, salamat kay Ronnie!

Sobrang bet ko itong single na to!!! Napaparampa lang talaga ako sa kanya! Naiimagine ko siyang sinasayaw ng buong pagpupumiglas sa loob ng isang club sa Malate! hahaha!

Pero di ko masyadong bet ang video...

slightly chaka.

The red latex bikini suit is very reminiscent of:

And the metal pice on her boobs is very GaGa:

The part with white BG is very reminiscent of Madonna's Celebration video:

And the end part is very reminiscent of Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson's Scream:

And the whole black vs red thing is very Alice in Wonderland for me:

Who the hell directed and created this video? Dear Kelly, you should sue! They're making you look bad! Hire new people to repackage your ass, gurl!

To the peeps behind this video: The direction Kelly's going for, as an artist, is really fine. I think she's got the upper hand vs Michelle Williams (who's also trying to re-break into the scene with her kinda-techno album, Unexpected)

To her peeps, I know rebranding is VERY difficult, but youi should at least scout the industry and STUDY how you can make Kelly her own person and STILL stand out (coz I think that's the problem with Kelly, she's just NOT as BIG as Beyonce - literally and figuratively - and when in front of the lens she doesn't have THE PRESSENCE that other artists have... she's more of a blah...)

SIDEBAR: Michelle Williams' album was pretty good too! More on the R&B side than club/dance.
It's more commercial than Kelly. However, Kelly's voice is waaay more richer and DIVA-ish and, hence, more attractive to the clubbing/dance-music market (ie: the gays, like me!)

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