Sunday, June 20, 2010

I wanna be a California Gurl!!!

Ngayon ko lang napanood ng buo ang video na ito (super bagal kasi ng globe broadband the past few days)


It's colorful and all sorts of tacky!!!

It's so gaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy

I wanna live in cottoncandy land (and look like Katy Perry at the same time! Mahirap na, in my current state, I'll gain 300 lbs in cotton cady land in just 2 days! hahaha)

I love the whip cream bra!!!

And the blue glittery shorts!!!

And the blue and periwinkle wigs!!! How can you NOT love those wigs!?!??!


I wanna play it on loop on our TV

And tatot and I will watch it the entire day!


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