Sunday, June 27, 2010

Have a Nice Day

This is turning out to be a really, REALLY bad week for me.

  • I lost my phone Wednesday morning on my way to work.
  • White party last night was disastrous (at least for me).


* * *

I texted my boss while on the bus on my way to work last Wednesday.

Next thing I know there was a guy insisting that I was stepping on a ring that he lost.

He made me stand, inspected my shoes, and picked up some obscure object from the floor and went off the bus.

When I sat back down and checked my bag's pockets, my phone was gone. And so was the guy.

This was the last photo ever taken of me and that phone (sentimental much? totally)

Aside from the worst bad vibes from NOT having a phone the entire day, was losing contacts, photos, videos and messages that I can, now, CANNOT replace.

Major BV!!!

* * *

Last night was a social calendar scheduling challenge, I was supposed to watch a movie with office friends, go to a friend's boyfriend's birthday dinner, and go to the white party.

Toy Story 3 was great! I left my office friends a bit too early, vene before they got into relationship ranting mode (which I totally missed)

I hurried to Cebu Lechon in the Fort and drank a bottle with Happy, Claire, Gino (who was celebrating his birthday) and Ferdee and David.

It was a shorter chika time than what we would've normally done, but I was eager to get to Malate!!!

I have 3 guys that I was supposed to meet on that night (NO, I'm not going on a booking spree again, I'm just MEETING them).

I was TOTALLY loving my white party outfit! (sayang we don;t have a decent photo) I was ready to rock the white party! Sabi nga ni Kat, I was white hot! (natuwa naman daw ako! hahaha)

I never thought I can pull off a plain UNPRINTED white top! (Thanks so much to Oxygen! ayos ang designs nyo, I swear!)

Thanks so much Kat for the photo! :)

But no!! entrance pa lang na-haggard na sa dami ng tao!

Claire and the gang don't seem to wnat to go there so di ko napinagpilitan na makipagsiksikan sila. They went off to get pizza while I tried to party away at around 2am.

I went in, saw a couple of friends and familiar faces but boy-to-meet number 1 wasnowhere to be seen. He didn't see me, I didn't see him so we decided to just scrap it.

Boy-to-meet number 2 was in Chelu. Tang'na! struggle to get in! as in! para akong nakapila sa prusisyon with sweaty fags all over me (buti sana kung mga cute pero puro.... hmmmm.... I don't wanna judge)

And when I got there, di man lang ako makakuha ng beer sa sobrang dami ng tao! di ako maksayaw dahil siksikan! at di ko makita si boy no 2!

A cute guy came over and was totally hitting on me... we were dancing until he caught the eye of another queen (lecheng mga pamihnta yan!) TSE

At this point give up na ako! my ego can only take so much.

Boy-to-meet number 3 didn't even try to get it. OA ang dami talaga ng tao.

HAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY major fail! And I wasn't enjoying myself!!!

LESSON: next time na mag-white party MAKE SURE to go there with GAY friends (My closest gay friends are not into the party scene. And my friends who like to party are straight! argh! SAM! next time!!!)

kala niyo jan na natatapos ang kuwento? NO!

I met up with Happy and CLaire after I managed to wriggle my way out of Nakpil-Orosa. Tapos na sila mag-pizza pero keri lang I was not supposed to be eating anyway!

When I checked my pockets, TANG'NA! nawawalana ko ng P1,500!


I mean, SHET! Sobrang tipid mode na nga ako, mawawalan pa ako ng pera (OK, P1,500 is NOT really THAT big, peero sana bumili na lang ako ng bagong pants, di ba!?!?!)


* * *

Alam mo ang PINAKA masama sa lahat ng yan... is that they're making me have depressing moments of weakness.

I mean, ANY given day, I can take on any stress and SHIT people throw at me at work! I can take any irritating bimbo on the road! Any given Day I feel like Wonder Woman, impenetrable and strong and FABULOUS!

But not these last few days.

The last few days I've been down and vulnerable... There's no hiding it, I feel like I'm falling apart...

And I'm missing having someone to call or to run to when I feel like my world is falling apart. I miss having having someone to rant my heart out; someone who will listen to me attentively and devotedly and will comfort me, pick me up, take me to dinner, crack some corny jokes and tell me that everything will work out fine.

I hate myself for feeling this way.

I am strong.

I am a stone cold bitch.

I am big, fabulous, and larger than life!

Pero minsan, may mga bagay na talagang parang maliit na pakong tinubog sa hulmahan, na kapag sumingit sa napakaliit na crack e kayang tumibag ng rebulto...

At kapag nangyari yun... di ko mapigilan na hanap-hanapin siya.

I miss Manila Ocean Park... and what it used to mean...

And I hate that Manila Ocean Park will never be as happy as it used to be.

* * *

SO this morning, when I woke up with a throbbing headache, this song was ringing in my head.

Sing it with me bitches

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