Monday, May 10, 2010

Kwentong Booking 008: The end

I was asking a friend earlier, "How can you tell if you've been around too much?"

He said, "Kapag para ka ng furniture na wala ng pakiramdam"

"Have I been around too much?"

Bluntly, he said, "yup"

I had to ask, right?

After ng dalawang Booking 101 entries, guess I've already made my point.

I've screwed enough guys to last a lifetime.

But I guess it's time that I've had enough.

After all, sabi nga ni Kat: "no matter how many guys you screw, its still not HIM"

SO yeah.

It's time I face the truth. no one can replace him nor be anything close to what he is.

SO now I'll stick to my word

I will wait

I will be patient

After all, nothing that's worth getting comes that easily.

And he's definitely worth it.

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