Monday, May 3, 2010

Christina is back and I'm Lovin it!


Christina's back and this time, it's all POP!

Kinda reminiscent of the sounds from the Dirrty album but much more polished.

It's also nice to hear that she's not belting out every single note.

I just listened to the entire track this morning and I swear it's gonna be my ringtone. hahahaha!

I'm lovin the sound. Makes me wanna get up and dance.

Check out the video:

Not so sure about how the video was made.

it's VERY reminiscent of Madonna's Human Nature video:

And George Michaels's Freak (sans the futuristic touch):

With elements from Beyonce's Greenlight (hello ballet pointe stilettos!)

But I like it nonetheless. :)

Can't wait for her new album!!!!


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