Saturday, May 8, 2010

Booking 101: Buhay pokpok

Oo na. Pokpok ako.

San ka ba naman nakakita ng taong kung sino sino ang kinakalantari (o kung kani-kanino nagpapakalantari) at nakuha pang i-broadcast sa blog nya, right?

So I get around. Big deal.

It's just sex.

It's just another warm body to get me through the night.

It's just an orgasm.

I know sleeping with a different guy every other night is not healthy and it's not right

But it's exciting.

It's kinky.

And it's definitely several times better than feeling depressed, guilty, and pathetic for letting go of the love of your life

So, yeah, I'm a practicing slut: sleeping with different guys as often as I can.

And in the process I've also become a desensitized asshole: not texting after fucking, forgetting the name, the face, the number.

After all, I'm not looking for a boyfriend; just some amusing distractions.

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