Saturday, May 1, 2010

Booking 101: The backgrounder

Noong sinumulan ko ang "Kwentong Booking" series of blogs ko, a good friend called me (as in tumawag si bakla) and said, "Hey, I'm reading your blog. This kwentong booking... Are you sre about this? I mean, are you ready and prepared for the repercussions? ANYBODY will be able to read this you know?!"

Matatag ang paninindigan ko: "I know and, well, you know me, I don't care what people are gonna say."

Noong nasa 1st year high school ako, naging teacher ko Sir Manny sa history. Sa isa sa mga lessons namin, may nasabi siyang hanggang ngayon e naalala ko pa rin: (paraphrased)

Ayoko sa lahat ng sinungaling. Kung may gagawin kang bagay, siguraduhin mong kaya mo siyang panindigan. Kung hindi mo kayang panindigan ang ginawa mo, mabuti pang wag mo na lang siyang gawin.

I'm just writing for the sheer pleasure of putting my thoughts into something more or less tangible than thoughts. Let's not over analyze.

If you don't like what I'm writing then read my blog.

If you don't like what I'm doing, well... sabi nga ni Bryan sa Queer as Folk, "Unless it's you I'm fucking, then it's none of your business" (Of course, kung close tayo, I'm open tto hearing your thoughts)

Like you, dear reader, who reads my blog for entertainment... I, too, seek some solace from the daily grind and life's consistent trepidations.

And that's what all this booking is all about.

It's all bodies, motion, ejaculation... a brief intensity where for a short time, I'm enjoying something that is not totally complicated.

It's all entertainment. It's like watching TV wherein after watching one episode, it's off to the next one.

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