Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Project Runway report: crazy ass hardware challenge

One of the interesting things about project runway is that they take the word "design Challeneg" too seriously and throw in bat shit crazy challenges.

Like the one they had a couple of weeks back (which I just saw over the weekend). They took the designers to a hardware store to come up with something... i dunno... nice and wearable!

Here's some of the crazy shit that the designers came up with:


And see how it looks from the back:

One more look:


But some are actually great like what Amy did:

This was made of sandpaper:

Not bad, right?

Jay's design is the winner:

It's made of garbage bags and it turned out really nice.

Look at the details:

And the braided belt (also made of trash bags) is also nice:

This is one I LOVE:

I love the jacket, it's so GaGa-ish.

The Jacket is made of wire and the dress is made of screen:

And the neckpiece (Made of keys and screen) is just lovely!

I want one!!!

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