Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kwentong Booking 006: Bonggang bonggang Bday Booking PART 2

CAUTION: This is a very graphic entry. If you know the author personally, please refrain from imagining things and/or doing visualizations. It's gross. If you do not know the author, then please be reminded that he's totally hot! hahaha.

Again, read at your own risk. Bastos sya. PRAMIS

NOT SUITABLE for deeply religious people, homophobics, virgins, and people with good imagination

* * *

I've been putting off writing this entry coz, well, I dunno how to write it without being bastos. hahahaha!

So I was on my way home from an unexpected pre-bday booking (read entry here) he filled me up just right but aside from an awesome tool, his performance was... well... daisy!

Tamang tama, while on the bus, Mr Dream Boy texted me: "pupunta ka pa ba sa bahay?"

SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEETTTTTT He totally made my ass leak! hahahaha joke!

Matagal ko ng pinapangrap sa itong si Mr Dream Boy. Kasi naman noh, sobrang gwapo niya! As in almost kamukha niya itong baklitang to:


Same chinito eyes, same shape of the face, same sweet smile... mejo mas mabuhok lang si Mr Dream Boy

Tawagin niyo na akong Ambisyosang froglette pero seryoso, ang gwapo lang nya talaga.

Kaya naman nagulat din ako nung nagreply sya sa mga messages ko at niyaya nga nya ako pumunta sa bahay niya.

So wala ng patumpik tumpik pa, kahit na hindi ko alam kung paano papunta sa subdvision nila e rampa ang beauty ko. (madali lang naman pala puntahan)

When I saw him in person, he was much shorter than I imagined him to be (maliit pa sa akin ng konti) and his face is a bit more scruffy and his hair is bordering on looking like it came from some anime.

Pero the fez... mmmm the fez is REALLY something!

And from his blue shirt, I can see hints of shoulder muscles and pecs. PERFECT!

His house was a studio-type rented room... hindi shalan, but pretty decent.

Pagkapasok namin, pagkalapag ko ng bag, wala ng patumpik tumpik pa. parang Adonis lang, shunggalan na ng kulambo!!!



Hindi lang pala siya gwapo! check na check pa ang vorta!!! as in!!!

Sobrang check meron sya nung V na chorvamae:

He's a bit more hairy but it was well groomed and it's not kadiri thick (like most guys)


I'm bringing out all the tricks in the bag and he was a very receptive audience!

I was gonna give him my signature and no-fail trick until.... BULAGA!!!


SHET Pwede ng pang Corbin Fischer! o di kaya pang Freshmen!!! Bonggang bongga, parang inukit lang sa kandila!

All I can say was.....

Well, let's just say... he was totally getting into it! hahaha

I looked up he's already putting on some gloves.

In my mind, I was like, "Shet, ang bilis ni kuya, this is gonna be a quick one"


Let's just say I did a Lady GaGa

And sung "Lovegame"

I was driving the stick shift pretty well until, all of a sudden, I was thrown from my seat and found my knees folded and, amazingly pinned down!

Well, let's just say, he really knows how to ride... and he showed me all sorts of ways on how riding is done!!!

My hands were a bit idle SO i just grabbed his... back.


Can I just say they were baked to perfection? plump, perky, meaty, and FIRM!

May glutes! PANALO!

But he was a bit controlling; he grabbed my wrists and did a D&G at me:


Gusto kong bumulong nga "huwag po... huwag po..."

I can tell that he's a very generous person seeing as how much he enjoyed giving! Again and again and in ways i did not think humanely possible!

And all the while his hands were working some disco magic as well:

HOMAYGAD! I can't do my tricks anymore! All I can do is be Ruffa circa 1990's and say "Take it! Take it!"

And para syang sharp shooter, hitting the bulls eye all the time! Let's just say he was HITTING the right notes

MY GULAY it was so mindblowing (literally)!!!

Actually, half-way through, I can't help but go Krakatoa

BUT, he did this thing to kinda put a stopper on my test tube.

And while he was squeezing what's left of me, he was doing a panday and kept on punding it like a rock!



as in



After what felt like 2 hours, he stood up and I thought tapos na.

He went to the bathroom and took a short pee.

When he got back, it was like, parang we were starting all over again!!!


He was at it for what felt like another 30 mins.

He was very creative with his craft and showed me this

And this

And this

And this

And a lot more of the shit here that I can no longer find witty pictures of

And all the while, still with this

and this

I felt I was about to go crazy!

I thought I was gonna have a big phenomenal O, pero parang said na said na ang gonads ko... nasabi ko na lang... "she... shet... di ko na kaya ulit..."

It wasn't until then that he took the baguette out of the oven and poured what felt like a bucket of cetaphil.

Shet I felt so debased!!!


Alam mo yung tipo ng sex na isasalya ka sa pader at gagamitin ka na para kang hindi tao? Yung tipong hahalinghing ka ng "huwag... huwag... ugh" pero talagang gusto mong sumigaw ng "SHET POTA SIGE PAAAAAH!!!"

SHET sya yun!

As in shet talaga!

That boy sure knows how to use what his mama gave him!


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