Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Almost Kuwentong Booking/Not quite Commuter Cutie

Pasakay ako ng MRT and it seems like, oddly, mejo punuan.

Nung dumating na ang train, I noticed this guy in tight fitting blue shirt and tight fitting skinny jeans pop behind me! My initial thought was: MANDURUKOT!!!!

Bumukas ang pinto ng traina nd true enough, siksikan nga siya! Yung tipong kahit hindi ka na humawak e hindi ka matutumba.

SO there I was, squeezed between an enormous man and the guy in blue behind... and when the train started moving I immediately felt a.... WHATTHEFUCK IS THAT!?!?!

Is that a belt?

Is that a cellphone?

Is that a gun?

I don;t know exactly what but I seriously feel some something MAJAH rubbing on my plump behind! So I turned around and see my Tight Blue Shirt behind me! and he was like REALLY close...

The train started jerking as it approached Ortigas station and HUWOAHMYGAAAAAAAADDDDDD that belt is BIG! and HARD! and it's going up and down my back pocket like... mmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

I look back and there's Mr Tight Blue Shirt smirking!


Anong oras na ba?

8:20 am ~ taena... e kung mag-half day kaya ako?

I look back at Mr Tight Blue Shirt... not so bad... not so cute... but DEFINITELY NOT BAD!!! and that BELT! mmmmmmmmmm THAT BELT!

So lumuwag ng kaunti and I moved to one side where I can securely grab a hold of the bars... the train started moving again and the belt was no longer humping my ass... It's not as packed as before but it's not exactly THAT maluwag as well...

As the train slowed to stop at the next station.... POTAH there goes the belt again!

SHET SHET SHET!!!! Magha-half day na ba ako?


All the way from Santolan to Cubao station, that belt was REALLY persistent. gusto ko sanang sabihin kay Mr Tight Blue Shirt, "Kuya, makapal po ang denim pants ko, hindi mo po yan mabubutas" Kaso that might give him the wrong impression and baka butasin nga nya ang pantalon ko.

Tumabi ako sa gilid nung bumukas ang pinto sa Cubao station coz, well, maraming bumababa dun. Apparently dun din ang babaan ni Mr Tight Blue Shirt so as he squeezed himself from behind me and towards the open door, he rubed the belt from my behind all the way to my side! And before he was able to leave the train, he was putting his hand behind him and was trying to grab my hand!!!


Sorry kuya, I don't want to disappoint you but I gotta do the right thing and go to work...


Looking back...

Sana nag-half day ako! hahahahaha

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