Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Kwentong Booking: Introduction

It's been said that it's not proper to kiss and tell.

Well, I'm not proper in the first place, so why follow such rules right?

Ang totoo nyan, nag-eenjoy lang talaga ako ikuwento ang buhay ko. Kaya nga ako may blog eh. Somewhere in this complicated and dehydrated brain, there's a nagging voice telling me that if I don't write it down, if I don't tell anyone something then it does not exist.

In short, chismoso ako. At ang kauna-unahang chinichismis ko e ang sarili ko. Through the years, napagtanto ko na sadyang walang sikretong di nabubunyag. At the more na itago natin ang isang bagay, lalo lang syang nagiging pabigat.

Kaya ako, ayoko ng magtago. Ginagawa ko ang lahat ng ginagawa ko at alam kong kaya ko silang panindigan (o solusyunan).

I just don't care what other people think anymore, I don't live life that way.

That being said, I'm letting it all out after this post.

I'm talking about Booking.

Mga kwentong booking.

Hindi ako expert, at hindi rin ako hussler pagdating sa ganyan. Actually, since I came out, ngayon ko lang na-experience lumandi. As in.

I was thinking of doing it anonymously at first. WHich REALLY sounds like a better idea.

But that's not fun at all.

I'll probably regret saying some of the things I'll say in the future. But what the heck, that's life.

Soooooo... yun! good luck to me.

And happy future reading to all!


  1. I can't wait to read your stories! :)
    But chances are, I might hear them directly from you here in the office! Hahaha!


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