Monday, December 14, 2009

A really BAD Bad Romance

I honestly don;t know how to REACT to this:

It's just so fucking baffling!!!!

Like, what were they thinking!?!?!


From the singing (it's almost like she's MOCKING Lady GaGa, and BTW, the lyrics are SOOOOOO wrong!)

The costume (a red super long gown with side slits!?!?!?! C'mon! she can't even walk in it! and the dancers are struggling with it as well!)

The choreography (what was she doing in the chorus, spirit fingers????)

the production (Lady GaGa has gay dancers but they are HOTT and FABULOUS gay dancers, not like those four who look sooo sad and tacky!)

UGH! You don't need to read my RAVES about Lady GaGa's single (here, and here) to know that this TOTALY sucked! Y'know what's more crazy? HER FANS!!!! Check out some of the comments from Youtube:
inaqd2 (6 minutes ago)

the best!!!!...grabehhh....sna lng s next concert ni sarah...asap ang bhala s production kc pang concert ung performance nya...amazing...

everytym nlng mgperform xa,napapanganga aq!!...hehehehe...idol!!

spongiemhaye (58 minutes ago)

yung mga nag ookray kay sarah,,, bakit cno pa ba singer pinagmamalaki nyo na kaya kumanta nyan,,, yayabang nyo ah,,, magaling talaga c sarah.... ,,,,,,

CarmineCloud (1 hour ago)

pakantahin mo yan si Lady Gaga ng I Believe I can Fly and Alone tingnana naten kung kaya niya! Inggit ka lang kasi ang galing ni Sarah! hahaha! Very versatile!

ark41d3 (1 hour ago)

nsa asap b c sarah..sunday pra d ko ma cancel lakad ko sa sunday...pls pls pls...that's xmas n sa sunday db dpat andun cia

haaaaay so funny!

* * * * *

UPDATE: I found the ORIGINAL Gossip Girl performance in Youtube (which I cannot embed, so just visit the link)

STILL a far cry from what Sarah G did. Besides, the producers shouldn;t have made her do it! She sings pop ballads well, NOT fast pop songs.

Besides, If she's doing some other artist's song, she can at least try to do it in her own style and NOT immitate the ORIGINAL artist! gaaaah!

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