Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Philippines has found it's own Brent Corrigan (well, a look-a-like, at least)

My pointer was drawn to his thumbnail when it appeared in my Multiply inbox.

And was I glad I clicked!!!

Vic Fabe's guy lay-outs are often steamy but this one is HOTT even with the clothes on!

Ladies and gentlemen who look like ladies, please get your hands out of your flies and put them together for Rapahel Remo Galvez!!!

Pakshet mga te, napa-sudden gush of wetness ako sa batang ito. Bet na bet ko ang freshness ng fez at ang "innocent"-looking features pero very impish smile!

He actually reminds me of Brent Corrigan.

Sa mga taong inosente (kuning), si Brent Corrigan po ay isang controversial pero super hot (and now successful) American porn star. He's got the face of an angel and the body (and needless to say the PARTS) of a well-chiseled man!

BRENT CORRIGAN: the twink of my wet dreams, if only he'd make a good top....

He recently won an award at the Gay VN Awards (which is like the Oscars of porn) for being thee Best Bottom (seriously!). Check out more info about brent here.

Raphael on the other hand, apparently is a fresh face trying to break out in showbiz (where else!) via ABS CBN's Star Magic.

With the clamor for fresh faces but the unavailability of mainsytream project for artista-wannabes, who knows, Raphael, may actually take the "indie" route. If he's lucky, he might follow the foot steps of beloved Coco Martin. Otherwise, he might opt for the road taken by Marco Morales. Either way, panalo pa din ang mga bektas! hahaha! Kiyeme lang!

Just to prove my point about their similarity check out the photos (Raphael's photos by Vic Fabe, be sure to visit his site):

O di ba!?!!? PWEDE!!!!

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