Saturday, December 5, 2009

Paper dolls

Sailormoon was such a huge hit back when I was in grade 5.

It was no secret that I was such a fan that my mom actually bought me a bunch of sailormoon paperdolls!!!

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My god, I miss playing with those paperdolls, turning them into princesses going out on dates, fighting crime in bikinis and all that gay stuff.

They eventually got torn and tattered from overuse and I never found a replacement...


If you haven't heard of Looklet, you're missing probably one of the gayest internet phenomena ever!

I first heard of it from a (REALLY GAY) officemate (you know who you are). But with the company's REALLY shitty internet connection, I was not able to check it out until I got home.

I got hooked instantly. Check out my Looklet page. :D

Oh, and check out my looks below!!! ang bakla!!! hahahahahaha

This is my first try:

Wasn't loving it so much, kinda looks too BEEZEEEEEEH, at nakakatawa ng itim na repolyo sa mukha niya so ito mejo binawasan ko ng kaunti:

O di ba? malantod na patweetums with the headband and the red kipay shorts!?!?!

Then I said, sige I'll do something that looks wearable naman, yung hindi mukhang pang Lady Gaga:

During that entire week, users sporting denim jeans were being featured. SO may I ride the bandwagon di ba?

I like that Tiger necklace!

Last Monday, I had an ocular at this wonderful ex-quarry/shooting range (which turned out to be a disappointment) Had some really great (cam-whoring) photos and thought of doing a Looklet version! ta-daaaaaah!

Again, an attempt to do challenge (that printed Monsoon dress which was used as a skirt)

Don't like this one so much...

Refusing to fail, I tried to do another challenge (this time, that striped tank top used here as a skirt)

So much better, noh? Although she kinda looks like a ho! hahahaha

Looklet announces when they have new items in the closet, and when I saw the cute preppy shorts and shirt, I knew I had to turn them slutty! hahahahahaha

SO this is my interpretation of a sluttified preppy schoolgirl or Ugly Betty turned fasyon.

There was also this new white jacket which I totally love! (which reminds me, I need to get one!)

I love how this one turned out :D Wearable and funky.

Also lovin' that red plaid bag!

Then there was this Rodebjer Bolero contest where you have to style the black net bolero to actually win it! saya di ba? (not that I can wear it!)

Anyway, here's my entry:

It was a bit difficult for me coz I can't belt the bolero and the sleeves are at elbows' length (which I'm not so fond of) but I guess all in all, it turned out great.

That black armor necklace is so divine, I wish I can get one for myself!

Looklet has a lot of funky collars in their closet and I've always wanted to use one but can't seem to make them work with the style, so I decided to style an outfit around the collar and this is what turned out:

I love the bigness of the collar! Of course, she's topless which is so Gaga.

Also lovin' the belt and garter combo to hide the obvious absence of a top. hahahaha!

This one I did just a couple of hours ago.

In yesterday's shoot we had a Harley which was REALLY cool. Haro and his bike inspired this look:

The scarf is a tad bit OA, but I like it. I'll prolly remix this look later.

As of this writing I'm doing a winter look, inspired by Christian.

He tells me it's REALLY cold in Japan now and his winter jackets (especially the ONE he bought in Zara ~ which I painfully remember) are totallly useless in that weather! hahahahahahaha

Oh gosh, I'm totally addicted.

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