Monday, November 2, 2009

When Lady Gaga meets She Ra meets Aeon Flux meets other Gay hero icons

It has always been my guilty pleasure to go on drag.

I mean NOT on a regular basis, HECK I don;t have the bone structure and the body type for it. I'd look like a misshapen walking swollen longanisa!

I mean, do drag just for the heck of it.

And as landi as I am, I actually have never done drag... EVER!

That is until last Friday (October 30)

An officemate and I have been talking about going on costume for Halloween at the office DURING office hours!

Wala lang, y'know, just to shake up the routine.

And it wasn't until the day before that I actually had the guts and DECIDED to just DO IT!

And I did!

I dug up the costume I used for the Xmas party last 2007, bought slashed leggings, a pair of not-quite gloves (whatever y'call em) and borrowed an oversized tunic.

COme Friday morning I was hauling a difficult headdress on the train and on the bus, putting on make-up (NO, I don't have DRAG make-up with me, unfortunately), and found myself in the Merch area's dressing tent putting on my orthopedic girdle.


This is the end result:

It was FUN!!!

The shoes were delicious but painful, the leggings were hugging me in all the wrong places, the wig was hot and itchy and the headdress was in the way of my ears but I DIDN'T CARE!!!

It was FUN!!!

I dunno what it was... was the all the attention I was getting? was it the novelty of the experience? was it the costume?

I admit I like costumes: I thought of my ROTC, CAT, and boyscout uniforms as costumes and I enjoyed those as well! hahaha!

Now, I can't wait for our Xmas Party, and the next Cosplay convention (which I'm SO gonna join!!!!)

Though I hafta admit, as a girl, I look even more freakish than nirmal! hahahahaha

oh well, at least I had a blast!

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