Monday, November 9, 2009

Project Runway Season 6 Pre-finale round up

Project Runway is having it's season finale this week!!!

Last week, the judges named the top 3:

Irina Shabayeva, 26 (New York, NY)

Weird surname? yess, she was, apparently, born in Georgia. But i guess that's the only humbling thing about her. during the course of the competition, she has been named "Mean-a, Irina" because, well, she slams people.

In short, walang [pakundangan siyang mang-okray ng tao. TSE!

The bad thing is that, she's actually good ~ which makes her ego grow bigger than THOSE boobs. She actually did not stand out from the competition until halfway through the season when her attitude stinks up the episode (for the lack of reality TV tension and material).

Althea Harper, 23 (Dayton, OH)

Blonde, with an easy smile, and a personality that stands out like white wall paper.

Carol Hannah Whitfield (Charleston, SC)

I like this girl. I feel like I can have coffee with her and coax her into doing something stupid and crazy like kiss the cutest boy that pass by.

So before the winner is revealed this week, and before the finalists' collection is shown on TV, let us take a look back at what they actually did on the show. and make them go head to head!


Shall we?

Let's shall!!!

EPISODE 1 Red Carpet Look

Carol Hannah:

Long, flowy, but fins on the boob! REALLY?


Another long, flowy, gown in nude colors. Likin' the bottom half, though. makes me feel like a princess on a secret night rendezvous (CHAR!) The top is nice and simple.



What's that on her breasts???? Is that the stuffing from our couch or something???

Among the designs shown in this episode, this one stood out for me:

design by Christopher Straub, the big cry baby

So in this round, among the 3 finalists, the win goes to....


EPISODE 2: Preggers Challenge pegged at Rebeca Romjin

Carol Hannah:

Hmmm, at least the jacket looks nice


Actually very interesting. simple, cute, and NOT matronly looking. And with that neckline matched with lactating boobs, Rebeca Romjin will surely be turning heads


Love the color, love the fabric, but MAN, she's ready to breast feed!!!

Can't choose among the three so I'd say it's a TIE between:

Irina and Althea!!!

~ didn't like the designs on this ep much so no personal picks for me

Episode 3: Group challenge: Beach + Avant Garde look

Ugh I hate group challenges, I mean, it just defeats the point of the competition!

So, anyway, the bad news is Irina and Carol Hannah were not team leaders for this ep so we can't CLEARLY attribute the products to them ALONE.

Furthermore, I won't post some of the avant garde looks coz I think they are just waaaaaaaaaay tooo bizarre for my taste.

anyway, here's Carol Hannah (team leader: Shirin)

To use one of the most overused lines of the season "I can totally see myself wearing that!" CHOS!

Ang bonga bonga lang talaga na bikina na siya pag natanggal ang tela, parang "heto ako, hubad!!!"


Irina (Team Leader: Johnny):

The beach wear look clearly has Irina's clean and simple yet styled aesthetic. I especially like the skirt and the macrame'd colorful back/bikini. Hating the top though. I REALLY feel like brown for the beach is like having BO and the fit, is SOOOOO not nice for a hot sweaty day on the beach. but over-all, outfit looks cool

Althea, who is thankfully the TL, with Louise:

The beach look, has Louise's vintage flare but althea's sensibility of not coveering boobs.

The avant-garde look, though not so avant garde-looking, I find to bee SOOOOO Althea (she reepeats the same technique a few challenges later in the season) and I think is quite hip (even if it missed the objective)

Anyway, I give this round to....


Three Episodes down and a few more to go tomorrow.

For this entry's tally:

Carol Hannah: 1
Irina: 2
Althea: 1

Stay tuned (unless the finale airs na tom which is just a big pffft!)

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