Sunday, November 15, 2009

Oh Happy Day ~ Tagaytay version!

It's probably the cliche of cliches but we don't care: we went to Tagaytay Picnic Grove this afternoon.

Funny thing was, it was actually MY first time in that place ~ which, come to think of it, is REALLY absurd considering my father's from Amadeo, Cavite and we used to pass by Tagaytay every week when I was a kid.

Anyway, the great thing about it is that this time, we are doing it TOGETHER.

Sadly, Tagaytay is not as cold as it used to be (and considering it's already November, the scorching heat was REALLY surprising) so we spent the early afternoon just hanging out and looking for some nice unoccupied and clean cottages (the place clearly lacks some serious regulation and maintenance)

After a couple of foot rubs and tons of pictures (which are still with Christian) I finally managed to convince my Bebi to try the zipline. He's yakking about it all day and kept on insisting that the cable car was more fun. What BS.

After dragging him kicking and screaming, we finally got him fastened to the harness and took our 1st ride on the zipline:

Saya di ba?

Slightly nakakatakot siya sa umpisa but it's actually exhilarating once we got there and we're seeing the ground falling below us!

We had to take the zipline again to retrieve our belonging (and primarily because I didn't wanna hike all the way back to the other side of the ravine)

This time, focus naman samin ang video to see how we look. Pardon the cheesy moment in the middle of the ride.

Look at Christian's face: He's totally terrified! hahahaha

The experience was all in all, pretty much OK. Nakakagutom nga lang so nagmerienda lang kme ng slight before leeaving the place.

And of course, di yan kumpleto kung walang cam-whoring with the amezeeeng view:

Parang feel ko yung boat ride but that has to wait for another time.

We went all the way back to MOA to grab some grub ~ Christian just had to have a bit of a shopping spree (habang naglalaway ako sa shoes ng Traffic). Look what we had for dinner:

Don Hen buffalo wings and salad aka the deep-fried ball of cholesterol death

Mukha lang siyang kaunti but by the time we were done masakit na pareho ang batok namin ni Christian.

Hindi jan natapos ang mga pasabog ni bakla, It's our monthsary on wednesday but he already has the gift for me at ito sya:

YESSSSS!!!! It's the 2010 Starbucks planner:

I'm not so crazy with the 2010 lay-out pero kebs! galing sya sa Bebi ko so yan ang gagamitin ko for 2010! Tse!

It's sorta been an unspoken tradition for us. during the past 2 years, Christian has always helped me fill out those ridiculous stubs to get me the planner. But since he'll be leaving in a few weeks, we won;t be able to go nuts on the coffee so yan, he just bought me one (I think).

He's really sweet that way.

Haaay ~ perfect ending for a Sunday, a good way to start the week (or cap it ~ either way it's LAVLEY!!)

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