Sunday, November 15, 2009

Now THAT is how you sing the National Anthem

I'm sure by now, a lot of people are raving about Pacquiao's win.

Frankly, I really don't care THAT much... it's sports! What's more, it's BOXING! I wouldn't know which end goes up where.

What I do know is that this win increases Pacquaio's value and as an effect, we will definitely be seeing a surge of MORE Pacman-endorsed products (as it appears, wala siyang hihindian, as long as the price is right)

In any case, he surely WON'T be endorsing our brand, for sure (well, hindi rin naman natin alam for sure, but well, I'll put my foot in my mouth when the time comes)

I digress, being the Queens of fierceness that we are, Christian and I, still excitedly awaited Pacman's fight on our way to Tagaytay this afternoon NOT because we're boxing fans bt because of the National Anthem!!!

Why yessssss!!! The singing of the National Anthem in boxing matches seem to have become an event unto itself. Like what Martin did last fight and who'd forget that Christian Bautista booboo skipping a couple of lines???

This time though, instead of the traditional solo they had a trio: La Diva ~ those singing contest winners (or otherwise) who actaully has talent to speak of.

What I like about these grlss is that they know very well how to harmonize with one another; they are ferosh w/o outshining each other! LAVET

Enough hoopla, itech mga becks at pakinggan niyo:

Taray davah? Bet ko ang harmonizing at blending ekek nila. ganda yan. Whachathink?

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