Monday, November 2, 2009


I just hafta share this coz this actually made my night! hahaha.

I was Fezzbooking, browsing through some Halloween photos, tagging myself, and downloading some that I like when someone popped me a message.

Y'know how that instant message feature of Fezzbook just POPs! right there? Yeah, I kinda hate it, and it fucks up my browser.

Anyway, the message. It was, apparently, from an old elementary school friend. After some courteous exchanges, nagpasabog na siya ng bomba:

i just remembered back then

that u wer teaching me how to open a fan the correct way

with a flip of the wrist!

that was grade 5 i think


hahahaha nalaglag ako sa kinauupuan ko! wahahahahaha!!!

The funny thing was it was all out of the blue and I can vaguely remember this moment, but I was thinking to myself, "YEAH! this is, in all likelihood, the kind of shit I would be doing... at 5TH GRADE!!!


And he goes on to say:

gagalit ka pa nga nun pag mali pag bukas eh

hindi ko makakalimutan un kasi everyday parang meron kang lesson about it eh

Haha! Well, everybody knows I'm a bit of a perfectionist (especially in the art of kalandian)

For a moment there, I had a bit of doubt. Baka hindi ako ang naalala ng mamang ito. Baka ibang bading! After all, in an all-boys Catholic Elementary school ran by priests, naglipana ang kabadingan!!!

But then he said, "and one more thing na natatandaan ko pa pala about u."

I gasped and prayed that it's not something totally embarassing...

is ur kilay na nakataas ung isa na todo and katarayan mo pa

panunaw ng tao

LOL!!! hahaha

Noww imagine my 11-year-old self doing the flipping of the wrists and the raising of the eyebrow:

Without a shred of a doubt, ako nga yun.

Wala na akong ibang naisagot... "Hanggang ngayon naman, ganun pa din..."


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