Sunday, November 15, 2009

Happy shoes!!! :D :D :D

I was window shopping this afternoon @ MOA while waiting for our calltime when I saw a couple of shoes displ;ayed at Traffic!!!

I just had to go in and try them on (and take photos of them)

They are probably one of th emost fun shoes I've seeen since my purple ones:

Aren't they LAVLEY!?!?!

Of course, that's NOT the pair. there's the shiny blue one and a more opaque mint green-ish one!!!

They were just screaming my name!!!

There's even a couple of white shoes that's also saying "Free up your card and buy me na!"

Gosh! How is it possible to save money when you keep on running fabulous fashion finds like these???? (There's another FUN shiny purple sneaks @ Zara and blue plaid ones!)

I'm so itching for a shopping spree!!!


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