Monday, November 9, 2009

Commuter Cutie 005

I've been on quarantine for 3 days now. I'm still on my way to recovery (obviously, I'm feeling a bit better now dahil naglulumandi na naman ako) but still not 100% better.

ANYWAY, being bedridden and having a throbbing headache, I had nothing to do for the past 2 days but stare at my phone

AND look what I found!!!

I spotted this hunk of a man a couple of month's back during Xtian and his batch's dinner party/reunion. He was serving us pizza at Shakey's, Glorietta 3 (almost made me say, "can I have you to go? hahahaha!)

OK, so technically he's not a "Commuter" Cutie, but he's just so yummy, I have to post him!

Not only is he cute, he's also oh-so-mighty meaty!!! I mean c'mon! check out those biceps! At hindi lang yun, makinis ang fez! parang hindi pumapasok sa kusina, walang pores! AT hindi lang mukhang mabango, mabango talaga (as in hindi siya amoy Shakey's ~ oddly)!!! I wanna dip him in gravy and eat him up like a basket of mojos!!!

I also had this whiff about him that he's not EXACTLY straight (unless my gaydar is awry) coz:
  1. Who the hell wears a body-fit QSR uniform??? WHO? only HIM, to show off his man meat;
  2. The HAIR look at the hair!!! Hair styling is sooooo common na these days on guys but he got it sooooo perfectly shaped and so neatly done it's almost as if he went to Thoney and Jackie before his shift, and;
  3. He was checking out this other hunk a few tables away from us.

Sooooo pa-mihn!!!

Anyway, that's him... Mr Shakey's manager, tara nat kumain ulit tayo dun! at least sa Shakey's walang uod ang pizza! haha

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  1. OMG!!! You should've asked for his number! I mean, it's not that far-fetched to think that he's gay! he looks so cute pa naman!


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