Monday, November 2, 2009

Commuter Cutie 003

Fashion Week kept me doing bits of OT the last few weeks.

It might have kept me from running my blog as much but it sure couldn't stop me from hunting the streets of Manila for COMMUTER CUTIES!!!! wee!!!

And this guy right here is the perfect example.

It was one of those long days preparing the guest list, arranging the seat plan, coming up with a magazine, etc etc etc...

It was around 10pm when I finally got in the MRT, exhausted and about to fall asleep... that is until I got a commuter cutie sighting!

We both got on the North station and I know I had to take his photo before Q Ave ~ coz that'ss when the train gets crowded.

SHET ang gaslaw niya, halos lahat ng photo ko ay blurred! Text ng text kaya palaging nakatungo...



Actually, he's not THAT cute in real life. Judging by his ugly hair style, his puke-worthy shirt, and his chunky black leather shoes, he's definitely straight.

BUT he's got those lovely lean arms, well proportioned chest and waist and a manly look about him so.. yesss!!! papasa na!!!

yun lang!


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