Saturday, November 28, 2009


It's the last day we'll see each other

Feel the emptiness when he's gone

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah! Roma-roma-mamaa! Ga-ga-ooh-la-la! Want your bad romance

I first saw this awesomeness while bloghopping the other day (See posts by Bryanboy, Jujiin, and Awkward Chic) And since then, hanggang ngayon (as in THIS VERY INSTANT) e kinakanta ko pa rin siya.

So sabay-sabay tayo kumanta , mga becks:




Want your bad romance

I want your love! LAV LAV LAV I want you're love!!!

Ang saya saya noh!?!?!

And because it was SSSSSSSSOOOOOO addictive I downloaded the full album na. Here's the tracklisting:

1. Bad Romance ~ It's auditory orgasm! and the video's a visual feast!

2. Alejandro ~ hmmm it's kinda like a mash-up of "Ey, ey Nothing Elsse I Can Say" and "La Isla Bonita" but NOT as fun.

3. Monster ~ actually not so bad, but not as catchy as Bad Romance

4. Speechless ~ It's like GaGa channeled Queen and came up with another slow pop song that is depressing and does not even highlight her vocal prowess.

5. Dance In the Dark ~ a bit better than Monster but not quite as appealing as Bad Romance. Actually sounds like one of The Veronicas' 2007 hits with an 80s keyboard arrangement that totally sucks

6. Telephone (feat. Beyonce) ~ Definitely 2nd single material

7. So Happy I Could Die ~ hmmmm, k lang. Can't really bring myself to care so much about it

8. Teeth ~ Hahahaha this is like "Teeth" the movie turned itnto a song

All in all, Lady Gaga's sophomore attempt is, well, very much sophomoric. At least there's a couple of tracks that are playlist worthy. heehee

On a separate note, I also found this:

OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH and she has a collab with Beyonce (or is it the other way around?):

LAVET!!! Soooo dragtastic!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Now THAT is how you sing the National Anthem

I'm sure by now, a lot of people are raving about Pacquiao's win.

Frankly, I really don't care THAT much... it's sports! What's more, it's BOXING! I wouldn't know which end goes up where.

What I do know is that this win increases Pacquaio's value and as an effect, we will definitely be seeing a surge of MORE Pacman-endorsed products (as it appears, wala siyang hihindian, as long as the price is right)

In any case, he surely WON'T be endorsing our brand, for sure (well, hindi rin naman natin alam for sure, but well, I'll put my foot in my mouth when the time comes)

I digress, being the Queens of fierceness that we are, Christian and I, still excitedly awaited Pacman's fight on our way to Tagaytay this afternoon NOT because we're boxing fans bt because of the National Anthem!!!

Why yessssss!!! The singing of the National Anthem in boxing matches seem to have become an event unto itself. Like what Martin did last fight and who'd forget that Christian Bautista booboo skipping a couple of lines???

This time though, instead of the traditional solo they had a trio: La Diva ~ those singing contest winners (or otherwise) who actaully has talent to speak of.

What I like about these grlss is that they know very well how to harmonize with one another; they are ferosh w/o outshining each other! LAVET

Enough hoopla, itech mga becks at pakinggan niyo:

Taray davah? Bet ko ang harmonizing at blending ekek nila. ganda yan. Whachathink?

Oh Happy Day ~ Tagaytay version!

It's probably the cliche of cliches but we don't care: we went to Tagaytay Picnic Grove this afternoon.

Funny thing was, it was actually MY first time in that place ~ which, come to think of it, is REALLY absurd considering my father's from Amadeo, Cavite and we used to pass by Tagaytay every week when I was a kid.

Anyway, the great thing about it is that this time, we are doing it TOGETHER.

Sadly, Tagaytay is not as cold as it used to be (and considering it's already November, the scorching heat was REALLY surprising) so we spent the early afternoon just hanging out and looking for some nice unoccupied and clean cottages (the place clearly lacks some serious regulation and maintenance)

After a couple of foot rubs and tons of pictures (which are still with Christian) I finally managed to convince my Bebi to try the zipline. He's yakking about it all day and kept on insisting that the cable car was more fun. What BS.

After dragging him kicking and screaming, we finally got him fastened to the harness and took our 1st ride on the zipline:

Saya di ba?

Slightly nakakatakot siya sa umpisa but it's actually exhilarating once we got there and we're seeing the ground falling below us!

We had to take the zipline again to retrieve our belonging (and primarily because I didn't wanna hike all the way back to the other side of the ravine)

This time, focus naman samin ang video to see how we look. Pardon the cheesy moment in the middle of the ride.

Look at Christian's face: He's totally terrified! hahahaha

The experience was all in all, pretty much OK. Nakakagutom nga lang so nagmerienda lang kme ng slight before leeaving the place.

And of course, di yan kumpleto kung walang cam-whoring with the amezeeeng view:

Parang feel ko yung boat ride but that has to wait for another time.

We went all the way back to MOA to grab some grub ~ Christian just had to have a bit of a shopping spree (habang naglalaway ako sa shoes ng Traffic). Look what we had for dinner:

Don Hen buffalo wings and salad aka the deep-fried ball of cholesterol death

Mukha lang siyang kaunti but by the time we were done masakit na pareho ang batok namin ni Christian.

Hindi jan natapos ang mga pasabog ni bakla, It's our monthsary on wednesday but he already has the gift for me at ito sya:

YESSSSS!!!! It's the 2010 Starbucks planner:

I'm not so crazy with the 2010 lay-out pero kebs! galing sya sa Bebi ko so yan ang gagamitin ko for 2010! Tse!

It's sorta been an unspoken tradition for us. during the past 2 years, Christian has always helped me fill out those ridiculous stubs to get me the planner. But since he'll be leaving in a few weeks, we won;t be able to go nuts on the coffee so yan, he just bought me one (I think).

He's really sweet that way.

Haaay ~ perfect ending for a Sunday, a good way to start the week (or cap it ~ either way it's LAVLEY!!)

Happy shoes!!! :D :D :D

I was window shopping this afternoon @ MOA while waiting for our calltime when I saw a couple of shoes displ;ayed at Traffic!!!

I just had to go in and try them on (and take photos of them)

They are probably one of th emost fun shoes I've seeen since my purple ones:

Aren't they LAVLEY!?!?!

Of course, that's NOT the pair. there's the shiny blue one and a more opaque mint green-ish one!!!

They were just screaming my name!!!

There's even a couple of white shoes that's also saying "Free up your card and buy me na!"

Gosh! How is it possible to save money when you keep on running fabulous fashion finds like these???? (There's another FUN shiny purple sneaks @ Zara and blue plaid ones!)

I'm so itching for a shopping spree!!!


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Commuter Cutie 006

Minsan kapag alanganing oras, natatanong ako, "E kung maharang ka kaya jan sa labas? ano gagawin mo? titili?"

"OO!!!! wala akong pera! sige na! puri! PUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!"

But of course, joke lang yun.

Unless of course ang sanganoo ay ang commuter cutie natin today!!!

Iba-iba tayo ng taste, and frankly, this one isn't quite mine - maybe yours?

Mejo mukhang sanggano, slightly mukhang "laborer" (at least may work di ba? hindi free loader), at mukang madalas bilad sa araw. (mas bet ko yung mga mukhang mabango)

But nevertheless, feeling ko kung papaliguan siya ng mga 4 times in a row, parang papasa naman.

Despite the... um.... "harshness" of his look, he bears some good qualities:

Ang unang-una kong napansin ay ang eyes niya. For someone like him, sobrang maamo ang eyes nya, almost puppy-ish.

Maganda ang arms! Toned and lean.

And he's got REALLY nice masculine facial features. Nice jaw line, a good straight nose (though a bit too big - typical of SE Asians) and the lips are full but are curved nicely

Yun lang parang gusto ko siyang regaluhan ng madaming loofah, body wash, body scrub, at ipa-derma ng husto. Mejo kelangan ding ayusin ang porma niya para magmukha siyang less sanggano-ish and more presentable.

But otherwise, a diamond in the rough.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh happy day!

Today, for the first time since moving to Balintawak, I got to have lunch outside the office w/o my office mates!

Primarily because Christian paid me a visit!!!! :D


I know, lunch with the boyfriend nothing exactly special about it... normally.

But in our case, it is!

He lives in Las Pinas and works in Madriigal Business Park (in Muntinlupa?).

I, on the other hand, is found in the far away land of purple trees and giant honey bees, BALINTAWAK, Quezooooooon.... Citeeeeey!

So you can just imagine what it means for me to find my one and only in the vicinity in the middle of the day (OK, so he's been working on his papers, so what?!?! Don't rain on my parade, bitch!)

It was just a simple meal (World Chicken lang noh! di ko pa naubos!) but as the real passe saying goes, "It's the thought that counts" (cheesy na kung cheesy, I don't care!)

Just gimme this moment and let me cherish the few remaining days of us together and the small and pleasant surprises we find in each other... yun lang


Monday, November 9, 2009

Project Runway Season 6 Pre-finale round up

Project Runway is having it's season finale this week!!!

Last week, the judges named the top 3:

Irina Shabayeva, 26 (New York, NY)

Weird surname? yess, she was, apparently, born in Georgia. But i guess that's the only humbling thing about her. during the course of the competition, she has been named "Mean-a, Irina" because, well, she slams people.

In short, walang [pakundangan siyang mang-okray ng tao. TSE!

The bad thing is that, she's actually good ~ which makes her ego grow bigger than THOSE boobs. She actually did not stand out from the competition until halfway through the season when her attitude stinks up the episode (for the lack of reality TV tension and material).

Althea Harper, 23 (Dayton, OH)

Blonde, with an easy smile, and a personality that stands out like white wall paper.

Carol Hannah Whitfield (Charleston, SC)

I like this girl. I feel like I can have coffee with her and coax her into doing something stupid and crazy like kiss the cutest boy that pass by.

So before the winner is revealed this week, and before the finalists' collection is shown on TV, let us take a look back at what they actually did on the show. and make them go head to head!


Shall we?

Let's shall!!!

EPISODE 1 Red Carpet Look

Carol Hannah:

Long, flowy, but fins on the boob! REALLY?


Another long, flowy, gown in nude colors. Likin' the bottom half, though. makes me feel like a princess on a secret night rendezvous (CHAR!) The top is nice and simple.



What's that on her breasts???? Is that the stuffing from our couch or something???

Among the designs shown in this episode, this one stood out for me:

design by Christopher Straub, the big cry baby

So in this round, among the 3 finalists, the win goes to....


EPISODE 2: Preggers Challenge pegged at Rebeca Romjin

Carol Hannah:

Hmmm, at least the jacket looks nice


Actually very interesting. simple, cute, and NOT matronly looking. And with that neckline matched with lactating boobs, Rebeca Romjin will surely be turning heads


Love the color, love the fabric, but MAN, she's ready to breast feed!!!

Can't choose among the three so I'd say it's a TIE between:

Irina and Althea!!!

~ didn't like the designs on this ep much so no personal picks for me

Episode 3: Group challenge: Beach + Avant Garde look

Ugh I hate group challenges, I mean, it just defeats the point of the competition!

So, anyway, the bad news is Irina and Carol Hannah were not team leaders for this ep so we can't CLEARLY attribute the products to them ALONE.

Furthermore, I won't post some of the avant garde looks coz I think they are just waaaaaaaaaay tooo bizarre for my taste.

anyway, here's Carol Hannah (team leader: Shirin)

To use one of the most overused lines of the season "I can totally see myself wearing that!" CHOS!

Ang bonga bonga lang talaga na bikina na siya pag natanggal ang tela, parang "heto ako, hubad!!!"


Irina (Team Leader: Johnny):

The beach wear look clearly has Irina's clean and simple yet styled aesthetic. I especially like the skirt and the macrame'd colorful back/bikini. Hating the top though. I REALLY feel like brown for the beach is like having BO and the fit, is SOOOOO not nice for a hot sweaty day on the beach. but over-all, outfit looks cool

Althea, who is thankfully the TL, with Louise:

The beach look, has Louise's vintage flare but althea's sensibility of not coveering boobs.

The avant-garde look, though not so avant garde-looking, I find to bee SOOOOO Althea (she reepeats the same technique a few challenges later in the season) and I think is quite hip (even if it missed the objective)

Anyway, I give this round to....


Three Episodes down and a few more to go tomorrow.

For this entry's tally:

Carol Hannah: 1
Irina: 2
Althea: 1

Stay tuned (unless the finale airs na tom which is just a big pffft!)

Commuter Cutie 005

I've been on quarantine for 3 days now. I'm still on my way to recovery (obviously, I'm feeling a bit better now dahil naglulumandi na naman ako) but still not 100% better.

ANYWAY, being bedridden and having a throbbing headache, I had nothing to do for the past 2 days but stare at my phone

AND look what I found!!!

I spotted this hunk of a man a couple of month's back during Xtian and his batch's dinner party/reunion. He was serving us pizza at Shakey's, Glorietta 3 (almost made me say, "can I have you to go? hahahaha!)

OK, so technically he's not a "Commuter" Cutie, but he's just so yummy, I have to post him!

Not only is he cute, he's also oh-so-mighty meaty!!! I mean c'mon! check out those biceps! At hindi lang yun, makinis ang fez! parang hindi pumapasok sa kusina, walang pores! AT hindi lang mukhang mabango, mabango talaga (as in hindi siya amoy Shakey's ~ oddly)!!! I wanna dip him in gravy and eat him up like a basket of mojos!!!

I also had this whiff about him that he's not EXACTLY straight (unless my gaydar is awry) coz:
  1. Who the hell wears a body-fit QSR uniform??? WHO? only HIM, to show off his man meat;
  2. The HAIR look at the hair!!! Hair styling is sooooo common na these days on guys but he got it sooooo perfectly shaped and so neatly done it's almost as if he went to Thoney and Jackie before his shift, and;
  3. He was checking out this other hunk a few tables away from us.

Sooooo pa-mihn!!!

Anyway, that's him... Mr Shakey's manager, tara nat kumain ulit tayo dun! at least sa Shakey's walang uod ang pizza! haha

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

(Almost) Commuter Cutie 004

I was at the Shaw station (as always) and waiting for the train when this guy in baby blue stood beside me.

Hindi ko na kailangang tumingin para malamang nuknukan ng wafu ang katabi. Mabango siya! MMMMMMMMMMMMMM chalap! at bihira makasabay ng mabango sa MRT!!!

Pero siyempre, dahil hindi maikukubli ang kalandian, may I silip and BOY OH BOY he's better better than what I imagined!

Hindi lang siya mabango, mukhang mabago pa! at malinis! at... well... FRESH!!!! hahahaha

He's a bit taller than me, medium built, has a bit of facial hair, but nonetheless a cute boyish face with a timid yet mysterious look about him. In short, pwedeng pwede!!!


Fortunately, the train that arrived was a bit full. SOOOOO ibig sabihin, siksikan galore ang mangyayari!

YESSSS! an excuse to get near and rub.... elbows! (kayo, ah!).

Ang kaso, magaling siya sumingit so nakapasok siya sa bandang gitna while I'm the one stuck near the door. hmf!

Pero siyempre, hindi ko papalampasin ang cutie na ito, pinilit ko kumuha ng pic... kahit side view:

Yun nga lang, siksikan talaga, so yan, pisngi lang ang kita! hahaha.

Eventually, the train cleared up. I told myself, "YESSS makukunan ko na siya ng maayos na photo!"

But no, pag-upo ko ito lang ang kita ko...

HMF!!! (though, I don't really mind the rear view! hahaha)

Judging from his outfit, this much I know: Isa siyang Junior gym instructor sa Fifi!!! Yun nga lang sa Trinoma (platinum) siya naka-assign at morning ang shift nya...


I think it's time to try out a new Fifi branch, noh?


Monday, November 2, 2009

Commuter Cutie 003

Fashion Week kept me doing bits of OT the last few weeks.

It might have kept me from running my blog as much but it sure couldn't stop me from hunting the streets of Manila for COMMUTER CUTIES!!!! wee!!!

And this guy right here is the perfect example.

It was one of those long days preparing the guest list, arranging the seat plan, coming up with a magazine, etc etc etc...

It was around 10pm when I finally got in the MRT, exhausted and about to fall asleep... that is until I got a commuter cutie sighting!

We both got on the North station and I know I had to take his photo before Q Ave ~ coz that'ss when the train gets crowded.

SHET ang gaslaw niya, halos lahat ng photo ko ay blurred! Text ng text kaya palaging nakatungo...



Actually, he's not THAT cute in real life. Judging by his ugly hair style, his puke-worthy shirt, and his chunky black leather shoes, he's definitely straight.

BUT he's got those lovely lean arms, well proportioned chest and waist and a manly look about him so.. yesss!!! papasa na!!!

yun lang!


When Lady Gaga meets She Ra meets Aeon Flux meets other Gay hero icons

It has always been my guilty pleasure to go on drag.

I mean NOT on a regular basis, HECK I don;t have the bone structure and the body type for it. I'd look like a misshapen walking swollen longanisa!

I mean, do drag just for the heck of it.

And as landi as I am, I actually have never done drag... EVER!

That is until last Friday (October 30)

An officemate and I have been talking about going on costume for Halloween at the office DURING office hours!

Wala lang, y'know, just to shake up the routine.

And it wasn't until the day before that I actually had the guts and DECIDED to just DO IT!

And I did!

I dug up the costume I used for the Xmas party last 2007, bought slashed leggings, a pair of not-quite gloves (whatever y'call em) and borrowed an oversized tunic.

COme Friday morning I was hauling a difficult headdress on the train and on the bus, putting on make-up (NO, I don't have DRAG make-up with me, unfortunately), and found myself in the Merch area's dressing tent putting on my orthopedic girdle.


This is the end result:

It was FUN!!!

The shoes were delicious but painful, the leggings were hugging me in all the wrong places, the wig was hot and itchy and the headdress was in the way of my ears but I DIDN'T CARE!!!

It was FUN!!!

I dunno what it was... was the all the attention I was getting? was it the novelty of the experience? was it the costume?

I admit I like costumes: I thought of my ROTC, CAT, and boyscout uniforms as costumes and I enjoyed those as well! hahaha!

Now, I can't wait for our Xmas Party, and the next Cosplay convention (which I'm SO gonna join!!!!)

Though I hafta admit, as a girl, I look even more freakish than nirmal! hahahahaha

oh well, at least I had a blast!


I just hafta share this coz this actually made my night! hahaha.

I was Fezzbooking, browsing through some Halloween photos, tagging myself, and downloading some that I like when someone popped me a message.

Y'know how that instant message feature of Fezzbook just POPs! right there? Yeah, I kinda hate it, and it fucks up my browser.

Anyway, the message. It was, apparently, from an old elementary school friend. After some courteous exchanges, nagpasabog na siya ng bomba:

i just remembered back then

that u wer teaching me how to open a fan the correct way

with a flip of the wrist!

that was grade 5 i think


hahahaha nalaglag ako sa kinauupuan ko! wahahahahaha!!!

The funny thing was it was all out of the blue and I can vaguely remember this moment, but I was thinking to myself, "YEAH! this is, in all likelihood, the kind of shit I would be doing... at 5TH GRADE!!!


And he goes on to say:

gagalit ka pa nga nun pag mali pag bukas eh

hindi ko makakalimutan un kasi everyday parang meron kang lesson about it eh

Haha! Well, everybody knows I'm a bit of a perfectionist (especially in the art of kalandian)

For a moment there, I had a bit of doubt. Baka hindi ako ang naalala ng mamang ito. Baka ibang bading! After all, in an all-boys Catholic Elementary school ran by priests, naglipana ang kabadingan!!!

But then he said, "and one more thing na natatandaan ko pa pala about u."

I gasped and prayed that it's not something totally embarassing...

is ur kilay na nakataas ung isa na todo and katarayan mo pa

panunaw ng tao

LOL!!! hahaha

Noww imagine my 11-year-old self doing the flipping of the wrists and the raising of the eyebrow:

Without a shred of a doubt, ako nga yun.

Wala na akong ibang naisagot... "Hanggang ngayon naman, ganun pa din..."

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