Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Veneto Glorietta serves worm on their salad

We were already at the door of Recipes when Christian said, "E Crispy Tilapia lang naman ang masarap jan, eh!"


In the 2 years that we've been together, he still hasn't grown that decision-making bone.

Karen said, "Ako kung san kayo, OK lang sakin"

Magaling sumagot si bakla di ba? Safe! hahaha

So I said, "Di ba last week nung nagFusion tayo, sabi mo [Christian] sana nag Veneto na lang tayo, so sige, Veneto tayo tonight, Italian, everybody likes Italian!"

the week before the Veneto incident was our 2nd anniv, picture taken at Fusion, just for the heck of having an anniv photo ~ it's a day of frustrations and it deserves its own blog ~ I'll make one shortly

So we trekked to A Veneto (Napoli Pizzeria Ristorante ~ if you wanna be REALLY specific about it) in Glorietta 3.

WE got there past 9. We thought closed na sila, to our surprise, hindi pa! wee!

SO we sat down at the nearest couch and ordered up.

But before everything else, cam-whoring muna ciempre:

I've always liked A Veneto from the first time I tasted their food. It has a unique taste (not really Italian, it has a bit of Pinoy taste, actually, but still OK) and their servings are always good for 2-3 people so super sulit.

There was just another group in the resto when we got there and they were just finishing up when we got there. But the waiter seemed alright with serving a group of three so OK lang, it seemed.

We ordered the Family appetizer:

And the seafoood salad (which, unfortunately, sa katakawan, we forgot to take a photo of)

They got there on time. The platter was superb (with the expection of the mozarella balls which were not so mozarella-ish). Otherwise, it's sulit and busog naman.

The salad came and it was SUPERB!

As in gusto kong kunin ang recipe at baunin siya araw araw! t's tasty and tangy at hindi malansa contrary to my initial impression.

A few moments later, binigay na ng waiter ang bill. Kailangan na daw namin magbayad kasi magsasara na sikla ng kahera... OK, Normally, I wouldn't pay until I'm satisfied, but sure, sige...

We were chitchatting most of the time while eating (as always) and we were already halfway through the salad and the platter's almost gone when I SHRIEKED (a shriej that sounds like a school girl who got pinched in the ass ~ not ina good way)

I was getting another forkful of salad while munching on the one in my mouth when I noticed something unusual in my plate.

At first I thought it was a small bit of lettuce leaf. Then it moved! Then it started eating another lettuce leaf!

PAKSHET! It was a tiny maggot! a greenish/whitish maggot sharing my plate of salad!!!

I'm sorry, nawala na ang table manners ko at nailuwa ko ang salad na kinakain ko sa plato ng salad!

"Pwedeng pakitanggal itong plato ng inu-uod na salad sa harap namin!?!" sigaw ko sa waiter.

Kinuha ng waiter ang plato, mumbled an awkward apology and promised to get us a new plate.

"Ayaw ko na ng salad! Kung manggagaling yan sa parehong inu-uod na lettuce e wag na! igawa mo kami ng pizza!"

"Sir, sorry po, pero sarado na rin po ang oven namin"

"Pasta then!"

"Sir, oil-based pasta na lang po ang available..."

KAINEZZZ!!! I swear for a moment umunat ang buhok ko. Yung dalawa siyempre tahimik muna at umeeksena ako...

so... FINE! Oil and Garlic with Mushroom:

Effort ibalik ang masayang mood ng gabi...

Pero busog na naman kami at OK din naman ang pasta.

Maya maya, lumapit ang isang waiter, tumalikod sa amin at sinabing, "Excuse lang po, sir"


At walang sabi-sabi, biglang nilang dinaan ang basura palabas.

PUCHA ammbastos talaga! Buti kung ito yung tipo ng basura na puro papel at plastic na walang amoy PERO HINDE! Amoy panis, masangsang at linegring ang amoy!

As in!!!

Sa sobrang dismaya, umalis na lang kami.

I've never been treated so badly in a resto like that before!

Tinatawagan ko ang lahat ng aking kaibigan at kadaupang-palad, becky man o hindi... i-boycott ang A venetop Glorietta!

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