Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Veneto Glorietta serves worm on their salad

We were already at the door of Recipes when Christian said, "E Crispy Tilapia lang naman ang masarap jan, eh!"


In the 2 years that we've been together, he still hasn't grown that decision-making bone.

Karen said, "Ako kung san kayo, OK lang sakin"

Magaling sumagot si bakla di ba? Safe! hahaha

So I said, "Di ba last week nung nagFusion tayo, sabi mo [Christian] sana nag Veneto na lang tayo, so sige, Veneto tayo tonight, Italian, everybody likes Italian!"

the week before the Veneto incident was our 2nd anniv, picture taken at Fusion, just for the heck of having an anniv photo ~ it's a day of frustrations and it deserves its own blog ~ I'll make one shortly

So we trekked to A Veneto (Napoli Pizzeria Ristorante ~ if you wanna be REALLY specific about it) in Glorietta 3.

WE got there past 9. We thought closed na sila, to our surprise, hindi pa! wee!

SO we sat down at the nearest couch and ordered up.

But before everything else, cam-whoring muna ciempre:

I've always liked A Veneto from the first time I tasted their food. It has a unique taste (not really Italian, it has a bit of Pinoy taste, actually, but still OK) and their servings are always good for 2-3 people so super sulit.

There was just another group in the resto when we got there and they were just finishing up when we got there. But the waiter seemed alright with serving a group of three so OK lang, it seemed.

We ordered the Family appetizer:

And the seafoood salad (which, unfortunately, sa katakawan, we forgot to take a photo of)

They got there on time. The platter was superb (with the expection of the mozarella balls which were not so mozarella-ish). Otherwise, it's sulit and busog naman.

The salad came and it was SUPERB!

As in gusto kong kunin ang recipe at baunin siya araw araw! t's tasty and tangy at hindi malansa contrary to my initial impression.

A few moments later, binigay na ng waiter ang bill. Kailangan na daw namin magbayad kasi magsasara na sikla ng kahera... OK, Normally, I wouldn't pay until I'm satisfied, but sure, sige...

We were chitchatting most of the time while eating (as always) and we were already halfway through the salad and the platter's almost gone when I SHRIEKED (a shriej that sounds like a school girl who got pinched in the ass ~ not ina good way)

I was getting another forkful of salad while munching on the one in my mouth when I noticed something unusual in my plate.

At first I thought it was a small bit of lettuce leaf. Then it moved! Then it started eating another lettuce leaf!

PAKSHET! It was a tiny maggot! a greenish/whitish maggot sharing my plate of salad!!!

I'm sorry, nawala na ang table manners ko at nailuwa ko ang salad na kinakain ko sa plato ng salad!

"Pwedeng pakitanggal itong plato ng inu-uod na salad sa harap namin!?!" sigaw ko sa waiter.

Kinuha ng waiter ang plato, mumbled an awkward apology and promised to get us a new plate.

"Ayaw ko na ng salad! Kung manggagaling yan sa parehong inu-uod na lettuce e wag na! igawa mo kami ng pizza!"

"Sir, sorry po, pero sarado na rin po ang oven namin"

"Pasta then!"

"Sir, oil-based pasta na lang po ang available..."

KAINEZZZ!!! I swear for a moment umunat ang buhok ko. Yung dalawa siyempre tahimik muna at umeeksena ako...

so... FINE! Oil and Garlic with Mushroom:

Effort ibalik ang masayang mood ng gabi...

Pero busog na naman kami at OK din naman ang pasta.

Maya maya, lumapit ang isang waiter, tumalikod sa amin at sinabing, "Excuse lang po, sir"


At walang sabi-sabi, biglang nilang dinaan ang basura palabas.

PUCHA ammbastos talaga! Buti kung ito yung tipo ng basura na puro papel at plastic na walang amoy PERO HINDE! Amoy panis, masangsang at linegring ang amoy!

As in!!!

Sa sobrang dismaya, umalis na lang kami.

I've never been treated so badly in a resto like that before!

Tinatawagan ko ang lahat ng aking kaibigan at kadaupang-palad, becky man o hindi... i-boycott ang A venetop Glorietta!

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'M BACK!!! (aka Commuter CUtie 002)

I haven''t updated my blog for a while, been really busy with work, going on vacation, trying to finish up work so I can go on vacation, packing, unpacking, and dealing with the work that piled up when I left.

Where I've been, I'll reveal separately. But for now, I intend to make up for my extended absence with this:

Ladies and gentlegays, may I present (finally!) a follow through on my brilliant blog idea: Commuter Cutie 002:

On the way to Megamall with my mom and son (several weekends ago) this beefy semi-kal guy sat with us at the back end (tama ba) of the FX.

Well, well, well....

Kiber kung katabi niya ang mudras ko! Kiber kung maalog ang ride at slightly madilim, kailangang maisama ito sa koleksyon ng mga kacutie-han sa blogosphere.

He was tall, burly, and has that drool-worthy manly swagger and the appeal of a basketball athlete (big feet, beefy arms, and a chiseled face that goes great with that chocolatey complexion).

So may i preetend na nagtetext ang bakla. Pa-demure effect! takpan ng CP ang bibig habang natawa sabay CLICK!


ayan ang patunay, katabi niya ang nanay ko! hahaha! (walang kahihiyan!)



I'm BACK!!! I'm soooooooooo back!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Know the rules of advertising, know how to keep your relationship

I've been a Media Planner for over 2 years. I wouldn't go as far as saying that I've mastered it, (Hell, no!) but I think I absorbed a good chunk of it.

The funny thing is, all that stuff that has to do with media planning came back to me just when I was pondering the complications of this crazy and roller coaster of a relationship (with Christian, of course).

And you know what I realized? The rules of relationship are kinda similar to the rules of Media Planning, here's why:

Added Value

Agencies are a dime a dozen. What makes a client go for one agency over the rest is the VALUE. What can this agency do to help my business grow? Is it their creativity? Is it their expertise in a certain field? Is it their buying leverage?

In the case of relationships, same rules apply. People stick to a person coz of the value they bring to the table.

Let's not be naive! Some people, no matter how WRONG their relationship is, stay with each ther coz of the sex. Others marry for money. We'd like to think that people stick to each other coz of love (well, that's one good value), coz only that particular person can only give THAT kind of love.

But much like in agency life, once your needs change or the service gets crappy, then it's the sign that it's time to "end the relationship" so to speak.

Simple, when the love (or money, or the HOT HOT sex) is no longer there, well, there's just no point in staying with someone so... well, remarkably unspecial.

Return of Investment (ROI)

Placing an ad, like in business, is considered an investment. You put money into something which you think (or wish) would give you some value back (in advertising, it can be anything from awareness, trial, etc).

While, we'd like to think that love does not ask for anything in return... It's also true that this is a masochists primary excuse.

So guys, let's be real.

For a relationship to work, love should be mutual, therefore, you love someone who loves you back, got it?

Share of Investment vs Share of Voice/Value (SOI/SOV)

Speaking of investments, one must also look at how much money one allocates to which area. Do we spend more on TV? or do we split it with Billboards/OOH? This all depends on what one wants to achieve.

Most of the time, we put in the money in channels in which the value generated (in whatever form that is) has the most return. Normally, There's more value generated on channels with the most investment.

In the same manner, if you're juggling a career, your family, your friends, and a boyfriend, you would split your time, money, and effort (investments) on all of them as equally as you'd want. ut since we're mere mortals, we learn to prioritize.

If one prioritizes his career over the rest, it's because he gets the most sense of fulfillment (or money) from it.

If one puts the boyfriend in front of the rest, well, that's also because he gets the most happiness (or sex) from it.

BUT if you invest 80% of your effort on a career that does not pay well, then that is NOT a Cost efficient investment - in short a waste of effort.

Likewise, if you devote yourself to your boyfriend, who in turn tells you that you are only his priority but only after his friends (who comes after the family, which in turn comes after the career), well, then you are also in a Non-cost efficient relationship. LUGI! LUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Reach and Frequency

In any media plan, we have to be able to measure its frequency (how many times will it be seen) and reach (how many people would be able to see it). It really depends on what your client wants, but lemme break it down to just 4 permutations:

Wide Reach, High Freq = Perfect! sikat ka! bonggang bongga ka! kilala ka ng lahat!

Low Reach, High Freq = OK lang, you may not have reached the market as wide but you know that those whom you have reached would be able to remember you

Wide Reach, Low Freq = hmmmm, madaming nakakita sa iyo pero baka bukas makalimutan ka na.

Low Reach, Low Freq = no one has seen it, and if they have they will not remember it.

So translated into the rules of relationships:

Wide Reach, High Freq = halo araw-araw magkasama, at pag magkasama kayo, palaging QT

Low Reach, High Freq = Hindi masyado madalas mag-QT pero binabawi sa dalas

Wide Reach, Low Freq = Kumu-QT naman, pero madalang nga lang - tipong once a week lang

Low Reach, Low Freq = bihira na mag-QT, sobrang bihira pa magkita (Christian, sounds familiar?) Minsan nakakalimutan mo na na may boyfriend ka pala.

AOR (Agency of Record)

Ayon dito:

Advertising agency that coordinates the purchase of media time and space for a large corporation that is likely to have a number of different agencies handling the various divisions and products. Appointed by the advertiser, this agency makes all the corporate media contracts and receives payment from the other agencies involved (usually 15% of their 15%), for the media placement of their advertising.

In short, KAYO NA! As in kayong kayo na talaga! Manlalake man siya, sa iyo pa din uuwi

But of course, as in agency life, AOR-ship is not the end all, be all. One has to keep a consistent quality of service, one must maintain rates that are favorable to the client, etc etc. In short, as a rule, we don't sit on our laurels

In short, kung bakit man naging kayo, dapat ipagpatuloy mo pa yun habang kayo pa.

But as in relationships, madalas, nagiging kampante, nagpapabaya, nasasanay na iniintindi ng partner.

Next thing you know, nagsawa na ang client (partner) at pinapa-pitch na ang account (humanap na ng iba)

I wouldn't say that I'm a Margiee Holmes - sex and relationship expert. I only say what I know.

That's it for now. Tulog muna ako. may pasok pa bukas.
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