Monday, September 14, 2009

Commuter Cutie 001

This guy passed me on the sidewalk on the way to the jeepney stop.

I did not see his face, just his back and immediately thought: "Hmmmmm... becky! Pa-mhin! or if all else fails, closeta de pa-jada!"

He was wearing REALLY tight fitting shirt and pants. Which can only mean 2 things: (1) He's got such a LEAN body that he can actually pull off a tight polo shirt and denim pants and still look salivating, and (2) He's gay.

Thee best thing about him was that he looked really clean ~ which is a REALLY rare trait to find among commuters (Inaamin ko mukha akong dugyot on the road)

Lucky for me, he took the same jeep I did AND he sat right across from me! and then I saw his face (Now I'm a believer! CHOS) In fairness kay Kuya, hindi lang siya mukhang malinis, mukha din siyang mabango.

And to top it off, he's got REALLY nice features (not refined, but nice) He's got a straight nose, nice cheekbones that totally compliments the totality of his feeaturees and the shape of his face.

Oh and he's also got nice well-groomed and styled hair ~ as I was saying: GAY.

It was a bit difficult taking pictures though, but I think, it was worth it.

He got off at Shang ~ muntik ko na naman sundan, buti na lang may date din ako that morning.

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