Friday, September 25, 2009

Ang Saling Ket-Ket

I am too anxious to sleep.

This has been, probably, one of the longest days.

There was a lot of new stuff to digest... and now, it seems, they are not doing so well with my bowels - and I'm not talking of just food here.

There's a lot of changes coming our way.

I've been plucked out of the nest and placed on the precipice, quite unsure if this is going to be my first flight or is someone just going to push me over the edge and fall SPLAT on the cold hard mountainside...

A lot of things are going through my head and I have to admit, most of them are unpleasant.

Needless to say, I am not too fond on where I've been placed ~ most especially in relation to where my sisters have been placed respectively.

While it seems (at least from my POV) that the other hatchlings will be moving on to venture into new adventures, each quite challenging and exciting in themselves, I am placed in a position where I won't seem to be moving anywhere and at the same time, taking a backwards step as, it would seem, I have been placed below my fellow hatchlings.

Given, of course, that of all the eggs, I came out last, that does not, in any way, suggest that y value, as a chick, is less than that of my sisters.

I am wondering, will my sisters suddenly become eaglets while I will magically transform ninto the ugly step sister hatchling who will just 'service' their needs?

With our changed status, my sisters, while facing challenges of some magnitude in themselves, have definite paths to take. I, on the other hand, feels like (for the lack of better terms) a saling ket-ket ~ someone who is just part of the game, but does not really put in as much value as the real players.

If that would be the case, then I guess it would be better for me if I just leave the nest altogether.

* * *

I'm sorry if you do not understand what I am talking about. As it is, I still cannot reveal what the issue is all about. I might, though, in due time. But for now, I just needed an avenue to release my anxiety and finally get some sleep.

Tonight I'm sleeping with fingers crossed.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Hotness Cutie Pie at Project Runway Season 6

I was watching Project Runway Season 6 and lookie what I found!!!

Becks, meet Logan, probably the cutest contestant in PR this season...

In episode 4, Logan failed to create a good outfit for his model....

But he did manage to raise my eyebrows...

Take a second look...

and smile...

sheeeeeeeeeeeeetttt!!! nakaka-sudden gush of wetness!!!

isa pa isa pa!!!

He kinda reminds me of a cuter, younger, fresher, and less drug-addict-looking Brandon Boyd

All the more reason to watch one f the gayest shows on TV!!!


Rave galore: In My Life


Sorry lemme spell it out para ma-feel niyo ang excitement at kileeehg coming from down under:


Ito na!!! ito na ang trailer ng In My Life! Clicksung na mga bakla:

Naulinigan ko pa lang siya earlier this year, sobrang alam ko na MUST SEE ang movie na ito (check blog entry here)! For 3 main reasons:

1. ATE V! ~ like, haler!
2. Luis and John Lloyd as a GAY couple living in NEW YORK (OK, mejo stretch yung living in NY pero kebs na!)
3. potah si Luis at John Lloyd as a gay couple, kelangan pa ba mag-add ng number 4 just to stress how compelling this factor is?


4. bading sila John Lloyd at Luis sa movie!!! ~ ayan!

Heniwei, I just saw the trailer earlier tonight and I must say, sobrang lalo akong na-excite!

  1. For one, bihira magkaron ng mga comedic roles si Ate V lately, at nakaka-miss yun (not to mention, nakakatuwa sya! SHHHHH! SHUT UP KAYONG LAHAT! hahahaha)
  2. John Lloyd and Luis look SO BELIEVABLY GAY (and might I just add, they'd make a cute couple ah!)
  3. And lastly, a very encroaching mother and a same-sex relationship - shet so relateable (again, sans the NY shiz). Ang mga ina, I'm sure, ay malalapit sa puso ng mga bakla ~ e hello,bihira naman kasi ang mga amang malambing sa mga baklang anak, divine? Usually, bugbog at gulpe ang inaabot ng mga princesa ng tahanan. At madalas, jan umiikot ang mundo ng mga bektung ~ sa mudras at sa jowa (well, mostly sa jowa kasi may achievement galore dun, pero suta! magka-luslos na ang baklang walang utang na loob sa ina nila, noh!)
BUKAS NA BUKAS DIN MANONOOD KAMI NG MUDRAS KO, mag-iyakan na lang kaming dalawa sa sinehan. tse!


Ngayon lang, I think, nagkaroon ng mainstream Pinoy movie that depicts REALISTIC same-sex relationships! AS IN!

This is the kind of shit that some supposedly "artistic" gay indies are supposed to discuss (see related post on fakers gay indies here) pero mas madalas na ang laman lang ng gay indies nowadays ay puro hada-han lang (see another blogpost about frustrating gay indies here).

Gay couples these days are no longer as "titillating" ~ aka FUCKED UP ~ (sorry for the lack of better terms) as gay indies portray they are:

  • Magpinsan na nagtitirahan: Ang Lihim ni Antonio
  • Childhood Bestfriends turned strippers: Sikil
  • "straight"-acting married guy and a kept bottom boy: Daybreak
  • Barkadang nag-road trip at nagtirahan: Kambyo
  • Flamboyant fag from the city and a kept "straight" guy frm the province in need of financial support: Ang lalake sa Parola
  • sex workers na nabading kakapahada: Sagwan
  • Magkapitbahay turned lovers turned sex workers: Walang Kawala
  • and the list goes on....
It's time gay couples are portrayed to be MORE THAN sex-crazed man-meat eaters. Kung nagawa siya ng STAR CINEMA (susme!) why then do so-called "Film artistes" in the indie scene can't do it (of ocurse, we have several exceptions such as Jay, Masahista, etc etc)?

Take that you scummy indie filmmakers!

* * *

Ang tindi ng kurot sa puso ng pelikulang itey, 'ning! At dahil hindi kumpleto ang isang Pinoy Movie ng walang big dramatic sumbatan scene, talaga namang mapapakagat ka sa labi habang talsik laway si John Lloyd ng:

"Anak mo lang syah, hindi mo siya pag-aareeh! At hindi lang ikaw ang may karapatang magmahal sa kanya!!"

Shet! sana naman huwag umabot sa point na kailangan may mag-quote pa niyan sa main noh? Per if in case, ilalagay ko na yan sa aking book of must-use movie quotes in one's lifetime

Manood kayo, mga bakla!


Monday, September 14, 2009


I first talked about this up and coming movie in Multiply (see original post here)

Ranked amongst Dragonball, GI Joe, Transformers, and X-Men Origins, this movie was probably one of the strongest ones to have that tie with my childhood. It's the charming plot for the cutest character.

While it's blog contemporaries have already seen the blockbuster, this movie is still making it's way to the "Next Attraction" boards...

Watch it and feel the excitement course through your entire body

Distributors are saying that it's coming October 2009, but with such WEAK marketing push, are they deliberately turning this charming piece into a B-movie?


Commuter Cutie 001

This guy passed me on the sidewalk on the way to the jeepney stop.

I did not see his face, just his back and immediately thought: "Hmmmmm... becky! Pa-mhin! or if all else fails, closeta de pa-jada!"

He was wearing REALLY tight fitting shirt and pants. Which can only mean 2 things: (1) He's got such a LEAN body that he can actually pull off a tight polo shirt and denim pants and still look salivating, and (2) He's gay.

Thee best thing about him was that he looked really clean ~ which is a REALLY rare trait to find among commuters (Inaamin ko mukha akong dugyot on the road)

Lucky for me, he took the same jeep I did AND he sat right across from me! and then I saw his face (Now I'm a believer! CHOS) In fairness kay Kuya, hindi lang siya mukhang malinis, mukha din siyang mabango.

And to top it off, he's got REALLY nice features (not refined, but nice) He's got a straight nose, nice cheekbones that totally compliments the totality of his feeaturees and the shape of his face.

Oh and he's also got nice well-groomed and styled hair ~ as I was saying: GAY.

It was a bit difficult taking pictures though, but I think, it was worth it.

He got off at Shang ~ muntik ko na naman sundan, buti na lang may date din ako that morning.

Commuter Cutie 000

Ako ay isang barubal na commuter ~ sanay sa takbuhan, habulan, balyahan, unahan aqt kung minsan OA na ang lagay ng pila e sipaan. (oo malandi ako, pero pagdating sa commute-an e hindi ako magpapatalo ~ let the inner jologs out! kamown)

WHile on the MRT the other day, I saw something that did notb only make me smile, but also gave me a brilliant idea:

INSIGHTS (o di ba? parang Comm Plan lang):
  1. Commuting, as part of the daily routine can be tasking.
  2. There is an obvious need to turn this Task into leisure and avoid unnecessary commuting stress
  3. Being gay ~ and a malandi one at that ~ my eyes are keen on finding "interesting" guys (not always but most of the time)
Combine all 3 insights togeether and what do we have?

My New blog posts: COMMUTER CUTIES!

Simple lang naman ang mechanics:
  1. Habang nagko-commute, humanap ng cute
  2. Kapag nakakita ng cute, kunan ng feechure
  3. I-post sa blog na itech kung bakit ssila worthy ng titulo na Commuter Cutie
  1. Ang mga larawang ito ay pagmamay-ari ko, hindi ng subject ng photograph. Photographer's rights apply (kung meron man nun)
  2. Kung isa ka sa mga Commuter Cuties na na-feature ditey, sorry na lang. Actually, be glad, coz someone took the time to talk about you! nu ba! (bigay mo sakin cell number mo, then text tayo)
  3. This is not a unique concept, actually, as Matthew Rettenmund (screenwriter - and author? - of Boy Culture) has long been doing this with his "guydar" posts. Check out his blog here
At bilang buena mano, Ito ang inspirasyon at unang boylet ng Commuter Cuties:


I was initially standing in front of this guy. SO just imagine ang laking tuwa ko nang bumukangkang siya ng ganyan sa harap ko.

I wasn't able to see his face clearly (as he's sleeping) but it seemed like he had nice sharp features naman.

What I totally like about this guy? HOT LEGS. as in might meaty legs.And of course the obvious fact that he decided to grace the world with short shorts riding up his crotch ever so nicely giving a slight peek on the Family Jewels...

He went down the Q Ave station, muntik na ako sumunod... buti na lang hindi. hahaha

That's it for now. More Commuter Cuties to come!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Nokia does a Sony with the Nokia Booklet


I'm sorry, I still can't get over the fact that NOKIA, world-renowned maker of CELLPHONES, is doing a SONY and now venturing into the netbook business!


Is this a good move? I don't know but it sure is an interesting one.

Before I dish out my comments, check out the Booklet's speca nd features (from here)

Nokia Booklet 3G full specification


  • Weight (max) 1250 g
  • Dimensions (max) 264 x 185 x 19.9 mm

CPU and Chipset

  • Intel Atom Z530, 1.6 GHz
  • Intel Poulsbo US15W, fanless design

Memory and Storage

  • RAM: 1 GB, DDR2, 533 Mhz, soldered down
  • HDD: 120 GB, 1.8”/5mmH/SATA, 8 MB cache, 4200 RPM


  • 10.1”, 1280×720 pixels, glass window


  • 16 cell, 56.8 Wh, Li-Ion prismatic, removable design


  • 802.11 b/g/n, 2T2R
  • BT 2.1 + EDR
  • Inbuilt 3G modem (data calls only). Different variants: WCDMA: 850/1900/2100 or WCDMA 900/2100 or no modem.
  • All modem variants have GSM and GPRS
  • Assisted-GPS

I/O ports

  • 1 x HDMI 1.2 out
  • 3 x USB 2.0
  • 1 x headphone out (OMTP 3.5 mm) – with OMTP headsets also functions as audio in
  • 1 x DC-in
  • 1 x SD card reader
  • 1 x SIM / USIM slot

Camera and microphone

  • 1.3 MP front facing camera with integrated microphone


  • Frame keyboard
  • 2 physical layouts: US (78 keys, 17 mm pitch, 1.8 mm stroke) and UK (79 keys, 16.7 mm pitch, 1.8 mm stroke)


  • Accelerometer

Inbox contents

  • Nokia Booklet 3G
  • BC-1S battery
  • AC/DC power adapter
  • Quick setup guide and warranty instructions
  • Headset WH-205
  • USB charging multi-cable CA-126


  • Operating System: Windows 7 Starter Edition, Home Premium or Professional
  • MS Office Small Business 60 day trial
  • MS Internet Explorer 8
  • HDD protection utility, Hotkey utility , Knock Control utility, Power Profile Switcher, Battery Life utility
  • Nokia Update Manager
  • Ovi Suite
  • Ovi Maps Gadget
  • Social Hub
  • F-Secure Internet Security 2010 trial

To be honest, I'm a bit excited about this netbook. And here's a few reasons why:
  1. 16 cell battery (which, if I'm not mistaken, is around 8-10 hours worth of battery life!!!)
  2. 3G modem (which also means, unless I'm wrong, that one can virtually surf the net ANYWHERE ANYTIME!!! just plug in a sim card and one can net surf away)
  3. Windows 7 OS!!!!
  4. it looks nice and shiny!!!
On the downside however:
  1. The price is set to be around more than 500 euros or Php40k++
  2. Processor, memory, and HDD is not exactly impressive

I'm mostly excited to see and sample his product mainly because it's from Nokia. I just wanna see how a cellphone maker's venture in netbooks does.

Is this Nokia's way of coping with the global economic crisis: venturing into other tech categories?

I'm not sure if doing a Sony is a good move. I guess we'll see.

For now, maglaway muna tayo sa isang overpriced netbook.
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