Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pakyu Manang!

One interesting thing about commuting is that you encounter all sorts of people along the way.

This is, however, also one of the most annoying things about commuting.

I usually take a jeep in the morning on my way to the train (and from the train, a bus to Balintawak) Since I go out on (almost) the rush hour, vehicles are usually filled to the brim with commuters.

hindi naman ganyan ka-puno ang mga jeep sa amin, but you get the picture...

There was this one morning when, unfortunately, I was the last sardine to fill the jeep. I sat in the only space available: waaaaay up front beside this mongrel-looking old lady.

I squeezed my fat ass in as much as I can but then, the woman beside me decided to elbow me out of my place!

Nakakaloka di ba? may sikuhang nagaganap!!!

So I faced her, raised a perfectly arched eyebrow, looked at her from her greasy tangled hair to foot (well, we were both seated so I really can't see that much, but you get what I'm trying to say here) and said "Pwede wag kang maniko?"

She was shocked! I guess she thought i wouldn't speak up for myself seeing what a swishy guy I am.

But she had to retaliate! "Hindi kita sinisiko!"

"Ale, naramdaman ko po ang siko ninyo, tinutulak niyo ako bago ako makaupo"

"Ke bata-bata mo pa sumasagot ka sa nakaktanda sa iyo! ang bastos mo!"

"Wala po akong pakialam kung matanda na kayo, sana hindi kayo naniniko"

"Walaghiya kang bata ka, pinagbibintangan mo pa ako! Wala kang galang sa nakakatanda! ang pangit ng ugali mo! ang pangit!"

At this point hindi na ako nakapagpigil. "Matanda nga po kayo, wala naman kayong pinagkatandaan, sino sa atin ang mas pangit ang ugali?"

She kept on yakking so I fleshed out my earphones, turned my iPod on full blast and flicked her the finger.

PAKYU manang!!!

She kept on yammering for the rest of the trip, everything centering on her not getting the respect she deserved.

The thing is, there's a much older Lola sitting across us and she was smiling at me reassuringly (either that or the Lola's a bit demented)

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