Monday, August 3, 2009

Encounters with the pervy kind

Sadya ba talagang talamak na ngayon ang mga taong hayok sa laman (o mga taong paupahan ang laman, whichever one applies) kung kaya kahit saang lugar ka mapadpad e nanjan sila, umaali-aligid?

Mejo ilang beses na akong nabibiktima... and they are NOT pleasant (contrary to popular belief that casual encounters in public places is exciting).

Here's my latest encounter:

We had a meeting outside the office this afternoon. So instead of taking my usual route, I got to the train through Trinoma instead.

Since I've been glugging down half a litter of water since I left the office, naturally, my bladder was wailing by the time I'm almost at the train.

So I turned back and went to the 3rd floor wing connecting to the MRT where they have a clean, spacious, and conveniently placed CR.

On the way, I passed this guy leaving the CR wearing a yellow shirt carrying a a huge bag. DEDMA (Care ko ba sa kanya noh!?! E puputok na ang pantog koh!)

I chose a cubicle in the middle of the row and struggled a bit with my bags (I was carrying the huge FiFi bag and a smaller one which has my wallet, lunch, snacks, breakfast, and water bottle! hahaha).

I was finally able to manage my load (so to speak) when I was surprised by a guy peeing beside me.

That was weird, I thought. The CR was almost empty.

I wasn't looking at him but from the corner of my eye, I can tell he's looking at things he shouldn't be looking at and he's checking out the CR as well.

When I finally zipped up my fly, I was surprised to see that not only was he NOT peeing, he was also displaying his THING out in the open and looking at ME!

It was the same guy in yellow I passed by on my way in the CR.

I didn't know what to do! He doesn't look like a sex-crazed monster nor does he look like a sex worker. The expression on his face was that of someone... I dunno... befuddled (?)

And it was weird seeing this 'normal' looking guy flailing his THING in front of me!


And he's not even cute!

Double yuck!

And IT looks like it could use a bit of a wash

YAAAAAAAKKKK suka! suka! yuck! yuck!

* * *

Sa mga nagfufumeeling jan, hindi po dahil bakla ako e wala na akong taste. Hindi ako hayok sa e*i*s at namimili naman ako ng mga t**i na pagnanasahan, so pwede ba? Tigilan ang pagmamaasim!?!


* * *

He's just one of several encounters and as I've said, they are not pleasant encounters.

Which makes me wonder...

Does the fact that I am obviously gay makes me a "suki" target of these sex-obesesed people and/or sex workers?

Or do I just look so bastusin that's why they are ALWAYS hovering around?

Or is it that I look as if I'm NOT getting any (which I am so totally NOT - double negation so that mean I AM getting it.. a lot! hahahaha! CHOZ) that's why they flock to me coz they think I'm desperate for it?

Or is it the combination of all three hypothesis?


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