Saturday, August 22, 2009

Of Nicknames

The problem with my name is that it's made of 3 syllables. And it's not exactly, Filipino-tongue friendly.

However, I was never the one to give out a nickname for myself (well, if I were to choose, I'd sayHer Royal Highness Oliver Loyola! hahahaha). Most times, people give me my nicknames.

I've learned that nicknames does more than just simplify one's name. In my case, in particular, I feel like it's become more of a symbol.. kind of like, how a certain group of people perceive me. Interesting, no?


At home, I grew up being called (in all manners - but most of the time pasigaw) "ber". OK, so my family's not really the "Inglisera" kind, hence, matigas ang dila. But the name itself - my god! so forceful! parang soldier...

It's name that NONE of my friends have adopted, to my relief. It's just soooo not me.

But somehow, it sounds OK when used within the four walls of our house.


I remember back in high school I sent a "memo" (along with Reza who refused to be called Viclo) to the entire section to please stop calling me Olay...

Well, primarily because the folks at home were picking on me about my new nickname. It was, well, malamya...

Well, the ban didn't last. By the time I set foot in UPLB, somehow, Olay got leaked (by Lester, I think) and it caught on with all my blockmates, my roommates, and my classmates. I stopped fighting it.

I realized that the name wasn't THAT bad after all. It has a certain roll in the tongue. And it sounded quite malambing


When I got to UP Diliman, Olay stuck but changed the 'y' to 'i' (hence, Olai) the differencee? well, you don't mistake reading it as Olay (the soap) when written.


I got my first stint as Sound Engineer in Makati after graduation. Unfiiortunately for me, they're all subscribers of the rules of machissimo and were pretty homophobic. So they dropped the Olai (actually, i suggested it but they weren't actually comfortable using the name) and stuck with Oliver.

I had to bear with that dreary sounding, unmelodic, and lack luster name till I got to GMA.

I first offered up Olai but they were scared of using it... so they stuck with Oliver. But, of course, having 3 syllable is a bit of challenge so they oftentimes used the generic term of 'fondness': bro (which of coursemademe cringe)!


"BRO"? me? eeeewwww

Anyway, some guy who had a killer sense of humor at some point (as a joke, I think) decided to call me Joliver. It stuck but was not THAT popular... I was still... Oliver.

Only my dear friend Gwen used Olai...

My friends in the music dept, well, stuck to "Oliver" as well. BUT, we made our own generic term of 'fondness': BRU (short fro "bruha"- hahahaha)

We were laughing our asses off (it came out as a long imaginative story which involves me getting discovered stalking one of our cute audio editors)


When I met my co-trainees back in MindShare, they embraced the Olai with open arms and even crowned me a new one: Maria Jolivia (c/o Gen), which, due to it's very "conservative" sound, I welcomed as well!


Joliver made a comeback when I was in MAXUS.

I remember during onee of those Introduce-yourself-rounds I stood up flashed a beauty queen smile and said "I am Oliver Loyola, a Meedia Planner for and you can call me Joliver for long"

Naturally, benta siya. so I guess that's how Joliver stuck.

It was malandi as it is, but NOT as malambing as Olai nor as superfluously fabulous as Maria Jolivia.


And now in my new work, I got Ola (chika!)

I think I gave them Olai as well, but it didn't really sell. Andd then just one day, one of the girls started calling me Ola!!! (complete with beau con smile and the miss U intro intonation) and I guess that's that.

Bagay din naman, short, loud, at baklang bakla!



We were on one of our Brand's school tour.

Oddly enough, Christian was there as well.

In the middle of a hosting a game, he took me by the hand and dragged me off to the cafeteria and seated ourselves at the nearest table.

He took my hand and with those puppy dog eyes, he looked straight at me...

Hindi na niya kinailangang magsalita alam ko na...

Mayron na siyang iba.

"Sino?" I asked

He just kept staring at me...

So wala na talaga.

I stood up, on the verge of tears and ran...

I passed by one of my SD officemates...

Then I caught one of my gay officemates smirking at me with that "I told you so" look on his face.

I need a smoke


* * *

Nabalikwas ako ng bangon

Potah ang sakit ng likod ko.

SHET tatawagan ko si Christian pagkagising ng mokong

Saturday, August 15, 2009


While Facebooking (yes, it's a verb now), I accidentally stumbled upon a network of friends while checking out one of my friends' profile.

It was a network of all my past Elementary classmates.

* * *

Hindi ko maintindihan, bakit ba pag naaalala ko ang elementary (lalo na kung PCC) o kahit anong may reference sa kabataan ko e kinikilabutan ako!

Siguro dahil, y'know, nung nag high school ako e pinilit kong ibaon sa baul at sa limot ang mga kabklaan at masasaklap na kachorvahang naexperience ko noong Elementary pa ako.

Noon kasi e mataba ako (as in walang leeg). may malaking salamin, ampangit ng buhok, at malanding malandi (feeling ko dati e sinapian ako ni Sailor Venus sa kagandahan!)

Sa kasamaang palad, hindi siya magandang combination ng traits sa isang Catholic all-boys school.

So may mga times na napapagdiskitahan ako nung mga mas malalaki, mas machong mga bully. Or napagiinitan ako ng mga mas matanda at mas malalanding bakla (yung capatin ng volleyball team ini-spike-an ako ng bola sa ulo - mga ganun)

In summary, ang pitong taong ginugol ko sa PCC noon e mejo pinaghaluan ng mga mapapaklang alaala. In short nakaka-trauma siya for me at ayaw ko na siya balikan.

* * *

But when I stumbled upon ythis network nga - mabalik lang tayo sa original na kuwento - mejo may kaunting "UY!" na kumalabit sakin.

Nakita ko yung seatmate ko nung grade 4 pa ako na nuknukan ng payatot at palagi kong kaaway...

Yung isa sa mga punong baklita ng batch namin...

Yung suki ng boyscouting...

yung batch clown/prankster...

yung crush ko dati... straight pala siya after all...

yung isang tigasin na kabatch namin.... profile pic pa lang slightly may naamoy na ako....

at yung isa sa mga close friends ko dati na parati ko pa kasabay mag-lunch hanggang uwian!

walang isip-isip, may I clicksung sa "add friend"...

Mejo may pinili naman ako,. yung iba kiber na, pero yung iba sige lang, as long as sounds family, go.

After ko siguro makapg-add ng mga isang dosenang tao e bigla akong napa-isip...


baka hindi na nila ako matandaan...

Sila kasi nag-stay sa PCC at sama sama nag high school. Ako e lumipat na ng ibang school...

at saka, pag nakita nila ang profile pic ko:

Mejo may kalayuan sa dati kong ichu... noh?

Not to mention, mejo nakakahiya ang laman ng profile ko. Sa mga taong friends ko na ngayon, naestablish ko na na isa akong balhurang bakla, pero baka lang may shock factor pag ang bumungad sa kanila e ganito:

or ang mga photos ko na ganito:

Pero in the end, napagtanto ko din na wala akong care...

Kung ayaw nila e di wag.

TSE... they don;t know what they're missing...

nakakaaliw kaya akoh!



Another massacre!!!!

If you were born in the eighties, then I'm sure you know Lion O.

THIS is a complete travesty of one of our childhood icons!

The trailer SUCKS BIG TIME (and not in a god way)


UPDATE: as pointed out by Marco (thanks!!!) hindi nga naman siya OFFICIAL movie trailer but a FANMADE hodgepodge of Troy, X-Men, Wolverine, Riddick, etc at mejo kinareer ang muk-ap ng mga hitad.

Well, they got me there.

In any case...



PS: ayon dito, mayroon chance na magkaroon ng Thundercats movie

INCOMING: Avatar: the Last Airbender (Movie)

Another exciting movie to watch out for!!!

If you're a fan of animation (like me) then I'm sure you've heard of "Avatar: The Last Air Bender"!!! And this is exciting news for you as well!!!

AVATAR is gonna be a major motion picture!!!! (most likely to come out in 2010??)

In the Phils., (at least) it was shown a couple of years ago in Nickelodeon. Know more about the series here

I really enjoyed this series(and I still do)! It's perfect in all levels: It's fantasy grounded on Asian culture, the plot lines are exciting, and the characters are just so loveable.

Needless to say I still watch the 3 Books (seasons) in my iPod over and over again. Actually I still watch it on Nick when I get the chance.

I just don't like M Knight Shyamalan is gonna be doing this movie

And what about it being in live action? Will the actors be as endearing as the cartoon characters? I dunno... I hope so...

And will the screenwriters be able to compress the story (worth 3 seasons) in 2 hours w/o destroying the plot???

And looking at the trailer, I'm not too sure that it's gonna hit the box office with a BAM (will it be another "Blood the Last Vampire"?)

All in all, this projects has to prove itself, not only to fans but to new viewers as well.

Anyway, I'm still excited. Check out the trailer:

Channing Tatum does a Striperella!

WARNING: If you're allergic to HOT Men taking off their clothes and dancing in their WHITE THONGS then do not, I repeat, DO NOT read this...

Otherwise, enjoy!!!

Us weekly found, the HOTTNESS in a bundle, Channing Tatum's STRIPPER VIDEO!!!!


As if all that "exposure" from Step Up was not enough (I admit, I only watched that video coz of Channing, and most likely G.I. Joe as well! haha)

Read all about it here:

G.I. Whoa! has obtained a video of Channing Tatum, 29, dancing in a Chippendales-style revue called Male Encounter in 1999.

Then 18, the star -- who performed under the alias "Chan Crawford" -- approached the troupe's owner London Steele at a now-defunct Florida nightclub about a job.

"He was shy at first, but he really knew how to work the stage," Steele tells Us, adding that Tatum lip-synched in the act and earned $50 a night (plus tips) during his year-long stint.

The women went crazy for him!" Steele added.

Unfortunately for them, the revue had a strict no-nudity policy.

Nevertheless, the actor --- who wed his Step Up costar Jenna Dewan on July 11 -- was so impressive he caught the eye of a female casting agent who put him in Ricky Martin's "She Bangs" music video.

Sadly, though, the video is no longer @ Us Weekly's site.

The good news is, IT'S ON YOUTUBE!!!

NOTE: wwalang (total) nudity coz y'know, this is not THAT kind of site...

ITO ang pampa-bwenas, heto na!!!

Prepare for thongs! Abs! A lotta dancing! and ASS!

Punasan ang laway mga bakla:

Today, ang seksi, seksi ko - at walang tututol

I woke up REALLY early today to go to the gym. shockingly, canceled ang RPM/cycling class this morning. HMF!

And it's all because of the Biggest Loser Asia auditions (yep, apprently, that was today)

And before you make any jokes about me - NO hindi po ako isa sa mga nag-audition. And FYI, underweight ako for their qualifications (TAKE THAT! um!)

Anyway, the studios were converted to holding and audition areas!!! kaloka di ba!?! kkumusta naman ang experience ng clientelle kung magkakaganun pala ng walang sabi sabi!

Naka-work out naman ako ng maayos (gawa ng wala masyadong tao before 10am) and I even got to try the steam room for the first time!!! And as expected... it was, well, STEAMY! hahaha (Not THAT kind of steamy, though - well, at least not for me)

Pero hindi yun ang highlight ng kuwento.

By 9 am, karambola na ang mga regional peeps, I think, ng Biggest Loser franchise, ng Hallmark Channel, at ng Fifi. ANg mga staff ay nakaka-imbiyerna at pinalyas lahat ng members sa mga lounge! (sasabihan ko sana yung girl na "NAGBABAYAD AKO PARA UMUPO DITO! TSUPI!" - ang kaso di na niya ako nilapitan, nakuha sa tingin)

By 10, dagsaan na ang mga kapatid natin sa kabigatan.

I swear! Feeling ko guguho ang 4th flooor ng megamall sa dami nila!!! GRABE!!!

Hindi sila yung mga chubby na people or mga majubis na utaw (tulad koh).

NO, ibang level sila ng Obesity, parang taba na tinubuan ng ulo, kamay, paa voila!

and while I was wlaking out of the locker (feeling good after weighing myself - lost a couple of lbs) my path was LITERALLY blocked by, well, all that fatness! struggle

And then paglabas ko, I realized I was smiling...

Coz y'know what? sa loob ng gym na yun na puno ng mga super obese people, I am ZEKSI! hahahaha

I should get obese friends... just to make me feel better about myself, noh?

For that matter, I think EVERYONE deserves to have an obese friend, just to remind us that we're NOT so fat after all...

* * *

OK, so masama ang ugali ko! so what?

I'm sure I make other skinny-ER people feel better about themselves when I'm with them, so patas lang! hahaha!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ang paglulumandi ni Maria Jolivia

"Be, anong nangyari? Ano ang dahilan at nagbago ka na?" tanong ni Christian sakin habang nakasakay kami sa bus nung Lingo.

He was talking about my sense of style.

That day, I was wearing a fuschia shirt with a large yellow spraypaint smiley, a short boardshorts, and red plaid sneaks. To top it off, gamit ko din ang cute cute na octopus totebag ko.

Ito yung Octoopus bag cute naman di ba???

"Nung nagkakilala naman tayo be, mejo mas nasa masculine side ka pa..."

Well, may point siya, ganito ang ichu ko before:

This photo was taken in Tagaytay 3 days after we met (October 2007)
(Thursday kame unang nag "date" this was taken the Sunday after)

Ito naman ako ngayon:

Taken during my officemates' joint birthday celeb
(kapatid ata nung celebrant yung sa gitna. haha)

Ano nga ba ang nagbago?

Well, aside from the obvious fact na nuknukan na ako ng Tsubabie ngaun...

1. Mejo hindi na ako masyadong nagsu-suot ng black - ang emo kasi, eh! Mejo mas bet ko na ang mga kulay na nagre-reflect ng personality ko... like fuschia, pink, apple green, neon blue, yung mga ganun

2. Hindi na din ako masyadong nahihilig sa mga galit at pa-emo na statement shirts. YAK kadiri, again ang emo. mejo mas bagay ata sa personality ko yung mga graphic shirts na mejo mas makulay at mas masaya

parang ganyan

3. Nabawasan na din ang mga rubber shoes ko. i said goodbye to my Puma and Adidas at napalitan na sila ng mga pinted leather shoes, pati mga sneakers pointed din

4. Pinagtatago ko na din ang mga backpacks ko at mga messenger bag at pinalitan ko lahat ng tote bags. para mejo mas Fasyown kahit kaswal lang.

Pinagmuni-munihan ko ang mga tanong niya....


May punto naman si Christian. I guess over the course of 2 years e unti-unti akong naglumandi (ok, dagdagan natin ng "mas" dahil malandi na rin naman ako before)

Hindi ko naman maitatangi, simula nung naging kame e mas umalagwa ang pagKIYEMBOT ko. Shempre noh, haba kaya ng hair ko! hahahaha

Truth of the matter is, wala naman masyadong nagbago, nagpapakatotoo lang ako.

Hindi ko (na) kayang magpanggap na machokolado ako, dahil hindi naman talaga.

Mapipigilan ko ba ang balakang ko sa pagkendeng?

Mapipigilan ko ba ang mga daliri ko sa pagpilantik?

Mapipigilan ko ba ang pagsasalita ko sa pagkulot?



pero mas guto kong maging totoo sa sarili ko.





mas nanaisin ko pang maglumandi at maki-kiyembot at ismiran ng buong mundo kaysa magpanggap na "straight" para lang mapasaya ang ibang tao.


"Ano ang nagbago, be?" tanong niya sakin ulit.

"Mas malandi ako ngayon... So ano, itatakwil mo na ako?"

"Anuba, be. Kung ganun e di sana kanina pa ako nagtatakbo pababa ng bus, noh!?!" sabay kiss

Yun naman pala e....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Excited for Kimmydora

Tuwang tuwa ako sa trailer na ito ng Kimmydora (Kambal sa Kiyeme) Isang bonggang bonggang kabklaan at katatawanan starring the Amehzeeeng Eugene Domingo na inihatid sa atin ng Papalicious ever Piolo Pascual

CLICKSUNG na bakla ng makasama ka na rin sa pagtawa namin...



Monday, August 3, 2009

Usapang Porn

Lahat ng (biological na) lalaki ay nanunuod ng porn. As in. Pramis!

Sadya atang ganyan ang design ng Diyos, ewan ko ba. Kapag may lawit ka, therefore, oversexed ka, therefore, hindi mo mapipigilan ang sarili mo manood ng porn.

High School ako nuong una akong nakapanood ng (straight) porn. Kasama ko pa noon ang mga kaklase kong lalake. Malay ko bang binibisto lang pala nila ako kung becky ako (PWES mga hitad ngayon alam niyo na! TSE!)

By that time, mula sa kwento ng mga kakilala kong lalaki, napagtanto ko na na ang lahat ng lalake ay manyak. PERIOD. As in! Wala ng magmamalinis, bawal ang plastik. Ang plastik mapupudpod ang e+i+s!

Nung finally lumabas ako sa pinagtataguan kong halamanan at namukadkad ang aking kagandahan, namulat ako sa makulay na mundo ng sangkabaklaan.

At nun na-confirm ko din, bakla ma't malandi, pinanganak pa din na may lawit. Mapilantik man ang mga daliri, lalaki pa din kami. Therefore, manyak din. Moreover so dahil ang hilig ay kapwa lalaki (na by extension ay kapwa manyak).

At kakasearch ko sa net ng mga kabadingan, napagtanto kong kadugtong din nito ang mga kamanyakang pambading, in short gay porn! In fact, kapag sinearch mo sa Google ang "gay" panglima sa listahan ay porn site. Manyak di ba?

Pero ang di ko alam...

Ang mga babae ba, lesbian man o straight, ay nanunuod ng porn?

Meron din bang straight porn for girls?

Kung ang mga lalaking straight ay tuwang-tuwa sa girl on girl action, ang mga babae ba ay natutuwa sa M2M?

Encounters with the pervy kind

Sadya ba talagang talamak na ngayon ang mga taong hayok sa laman (o mga taong paupahan ang laman, whichever one applies) kung kaya kahit saang lugar ka mapadpad e nanjan sila, umaali-aligid?

Mejo ilang beses na akong nabibiktima... and they are NOT pleasant (contrary to popular belief that casual encounters in public places is exciting).

Here's my latest encounter:

We had a meeting outside the office this afternoon. So instead of taking my usual route, I got to the train through Trinoma instead.

Since I've been glugging down half a litter of water since I left the office, naturally, my bladder was wailing by the time I'm almost at the train.

So I turned back and went to the 3rd floor wing connecting to the MRT where they have a clean, spacious, and conveniently placed CR.

On the way, I passed this guy leaving the CR wearing a yellow shirt carrying a a huge bag. DEDMA (Care ko ba sa kanya noh!?! E puputok na ang pantog koh!)

I chose a cubicle in the middle of the row and struggled a bit with my bags (I was carrying the huge FiFi bag and a smaller one which has my wallet, lunch, snacks, breakfast, and water bottle! hahaha).

I was finally able to manage my load (so to speak) when I was surprised by a guy peeing beside me.

That was weird, I thought. The CR was almost empty.

I wasn't looking at him but from the corner of my eye, I can tell he's looking at things he shouldn't be looking at and he's checking out the CR as well.

When I finally zipped up my fly, I was surprised to see that not only was he NOT peeing, he was also displaying his THING out in the open and looking at ME!

It was the same guy in yellow I passed by on my way in the CR.

I didn't know what to do! He doesn't look like a sex-crazed monster nor does he look like a sex worker. The expression on his face was that of someone... I dunno... befuddled (?)

And it was weird seeing this 'normal' looking guy flailing his THING in front of me!


And he's not even cute!

Double yuck!

And IT looks like it could use a bit of a wash

YAAAAAAAKKKK suka! suka! yuck! yuck!

* * *

Sa mga nagfufumeeling jan, hindi po dahil bakla ako e wala na akong taste. Hindi ako hayok sa e*i*s at namimili naman ako ng mga t**i na pagnanasahan, so pwede ba? Tigilan ang pagmamaasim!?!


* * *

He's just one of several encounters and as I've said, they are not pleasant encounters.

Which makes me wonder...

Does the fact that I am obviously gay makes me a "suki" target of these sex-obesesed people and/or sex workers?

Or do I just look so bastusin that's why they are ALWAYS hovering around?

Or is it that I look as if I'm NOT getting any (which I am so totally NOT - double negation so that mean I AM getting it.. a lot! hahahaha! CHOZ) that's why they flock to me coz they think I'm desperate for it?

Or is it the combination of all three hypothesis?


Sunday, August 2, 2009



Kagabi ko pa ito kina-career and natapos ko na siya (almost)!

If you're a frequent visitor of my Blog (the two of yu out there), you'll notice the change:

  • new lay-out: I dropped the stationary-esque lay-out I've used since I started this blog. I think it's time for me to shake things up.
  • new Blog title! my boyfriend was mocking me the other day about my blog title... well, none of that now! I think the title pretty much captures me and the stuff I write. (though I'm still a bit hesitant about it.
What do you think of the new blog?

Lemme know! :)


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pakyu Manang!

One interesting thing about commuting is that you encounter all sorts of people along the way.

This is, however, also one of the most annoying things about commuting.

I usually take a jeep in the morning on my way to the train (and from the train, a bus to Balintawak) Since I go out on (almost) the rush hour, vehicles are usually filled to the brim with commuters.

hindi naman ganyan ka-puno ang mga jeep sa amin, but you get the picture...

There was this one morning when, unfortunately, I was the last sardine to fill the jeep. I sat in the only space available: waaaaay up front beside this mongrel-looking old lady.

I squeezed my fat ass in as much as I can but then, the woman beside me decided to elbow me out of my place!

Nakakaloka di ba? may sikuhang nagaganap!!!

So I faced her, raised a perfectly arched eyebrow, looked at her from her greasy tangled hair to foot (well, we were both seated so I really can't see that much, but you get what I'm trying to say here) and said "Pwede wag kang maniko?"

She was shocked! I guess she thought i wouldn't speak up for myself seeing what a swishy guy I am.

But she had to retaliate! "Hindi kita sinisiko!"

"Ale, naramdaman ko po ang siko ninyo, tinutulak niyo ako bago ako makaupo"

"Ke bata-bata mo pa sumasagot ka sa nakaktanda sa iyo! ang bastos mo!"

"Wala po akong pakialam kung matanda na kayo, sana hindi kayo naniniko"

"Walaghiya kang bata ka, pinagbibintangan mo pa ako! Wala kang galang sa nakakatanda! ang pangit ng ugali mo! ang pangit!"

At this point hindi na ako nakapagpigil. "Matanda nga po kayo, wala naman kayong pinagkatandaan, sino sa atin ang mas pangit ang ugali?"

She kept on yakking so I fleshed out my earphones, turned my iPod on full blast and flicked her the finger.

PAKYU manang!!!

She kept on yammering for the rest of the trip, everything centering on her not getting the respect she deserved.

The thing is, there's a much older Lola sitting across us and she was smiling at me reassuringly (either that or the Lola's a bit demented)

Hunkiness Papalicious na, Bookworm pa!

OPENING SCENE: Ako; humahangos at nagtatatkbo sa ibabaw ng Oliveros foot bridge sa EDSA, Balintawak. Mainit ang araw pero kiber, male-late na naman ako...

pagka-BEEP ng timekeeping chorva namin, back to rampa mode na ako. Pasok sa oras! Now kelangan poised pagpasok ko ng lobby; mahirap na, minsan nag-uumapaw siya sa mga naggu-gwapuhang modelya!

And true to it's promise of morning modelya sighting, there right smack in the middle of the red couch is a hunky foreigner-looking pair of gorgeously sculpted arms!

UMMMMMMMMMMM te! Yang Chow fried rice dali! PaRiKnorr! (Papa, Kanin at Knorr soup! hahaha ang chaka!)

Heniway, ayun siya, naka-sando at talaga namang may I flex the arms habang nakapatong sa coffeee table sa harap niya.

Natatakpan ng cap niya ang fez, pero kiber na, mga bakla, sabi nga ni Nar sa Zsazsa Zarturnnah Ze Muzikal "Braso pa lang ay ulam na"

But hu-wait! There's more!

Habang nirarampa ko ang kaiksiang rampahan namin na lobby, napansin kong may pinagkakaabalahan si Papaness sa coffee table: isang libro! ISang malaki at makapal na libro!!!

Imaginin mo yun! Hunky-ness papa-licious na, Bookworm pa! CHOZ!

Hindi lang masarap tikman tingnan, mukhang masarap din kausap!

Hu-we-hell.. May I slow down sa pagrampa para magpapansin eklavu...

Konting kiyembot... kunwari may chine-check sa reception... uy what's this? AY puke, I dropped something, may I tuwad ng konti....

SHET... ang serious ni hunky-ness papa-licious!

As in mega-basa siya ng ka-libruhan niya! Law student din kaya siya? OA sa kapal yung binabasa...

Hindi man lang lumingon ng kaunti... seryosong seryoso at nakasubsob ang mukha sa pagbabasa...

AND THEN... napansin ko ang lubrong binabasa niya....

Potah! winalkout-an ko nga!

Makapal ang libro

Maliliit ang sulat

Kulay DILAW ang pahina

LECHE Telephone Directory ang kina-career ni mokong!

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