Monday, July 13, 2009


It was bound to be another non-date weekend last last Sunday (July 5).

Buti na lang nagyaya manood ng movie si Christian.

At dahil maganda ang review sa kanya at may recommendations pa to boost, may I watch naman kami.

To be fair to the film, it has it's own merits. I was really intrigued by its premise. As said in The Bakla review:

There's no nudity, and a "penetration" consummates only towards the end, but
Dose is a decidedly sexual journey. It's the story of a boy's coming of age, yet
the genius of the movie is that it acknowledges the boy's sexuality as something
to be anticipated and inevitable, a thing of the future, but also a tactile
presence, already happening.

And really, a 12-year old gay kid falling over a twnety (thrity?) something gardener, I think, is something that also smells real.

Not to mention generous scenes of Yule Servo half nekkid in pekpek shorts! kamown! BONUS!!!

Long story short, we saw we loved it... but not completely.

Here's what I think:

1. I think MGG's blog title "Love Knows No Age Or Gender" is a bit misleading. First of all, the movie does not show how the 2 characters (the kid and the gardener) fell in love or loved one another. As The Bakla Review says: It's a coming of age story. It shows how the kid develops his affections towards his "ya-ku". It's not about love, it's about Edy (the kid) discovering his sexuality

2. Given that it's aCInema One original, there's a lot of technical shit that needs to be improved. But that's understandable. What I don;t understand is the lack of establishing shots and the flow of the timline. It's like a montage of several scenes put together. It made sense, of course, coz it was easy to make out, but sometime during the rest of the movie, one will eventually lose sense of time and date... It's just confusing

3. The shots were too cramped. what's up DOP? most of the kitchen/dining area shots have the same angle. the funny thing is, they were ona huge house with ample space to move around and capture the flow of movement. It's all very stationary and boxed for the most part of the scene. The only movement that happened was during the denoument of teh movie when Edy searches for Danny.

4. The kids acting was just so... Batibot/ANg TV era. Y'know, that manner of delivery that is so fake and so trying hard to be wholesome. It's sickening but forgiveable. But on Yule Servo... well... that's just sad. Emilio Garcia, however, was just briliant! I haven't seen perform like that before... so subtle yet so gay. amazing. The choice of having Yule Servo play his 60-year-old self was just a mistake. It sucked big time.

5. But I think the saving grace of this filmis the story. The executionwas a bit pffffftttt but it was a well-written story with a lot of heart. The amazing thing is that the story was able to shine even with the crappy technicals and the crappy acting.

Now THAT is what I call writing. Kudos to Senedy Que!

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