Saturday, July 25, 2009

The first Korean song I actually liked

Una kong nakita ito dito sa blog ni mareng Wilberchie

AT ayan, na-adik na din ako. Kabilib ang choreography! angas! It's nice how the dance complimented ther otherwise too many performers.

The excellence in both choreography and execution was even more highlighted by the very simplistic/minimalist treatment of te entire music video: It's just one seamless shot (seemingly) with the camera tracking in and out of the set (which in turn is just a well-lighted black/gray studio space.

And don't you just love that they have a chubby dancer?

On the downside though, while I totally love the entire sound of the song, I still can't help but feel that, o course, these are a bunch of Korean boys trying to be more Western Pop. Nothing against it, of course, though it feels odd to call it a "Korean pop song" when nothing about the sound of it sounds authentically and intrinsically "Korean".

With the exception of the Korean singers, dancers, and words. This song (melody and choreo) sould have been easily adapted by any English or American boy band (which thankfully has been extinct for around a decade now) and it will still be the same song (almost)

Of course, there is no discounting the fact that while the Asian world is a bit delayed with the boyband pop wave, they apparently bear such charm that is sooooo Asian fangirl. In any case, no objections about boys who have fantabulous hair and skin to boot. They are such lovely twinks! hahaha.

By the way, just to add, the ending of this video REALLY looks like a gay love triangle! hahaha

Generally... LAVET!



They are the Super Juniors. I refuse to discuss fandom matters here so just check out more infor here.

Here's a different take on the song WITH closer shots so we can appreciate more the hotness (or more likely, the twinkledom) of each member.


UPDATE (part 2)

Sorry na lang mga te, laglag talaga panty ko sa kantang ito saka kay:

Donghae - dahil makalaglag panty siya sumayaw (at mejo panay ang hawak sa katawan! anubah!!!)

Sungmin - coz he reminds of my favorite twink Enchong Dee. Not to mention ang cute niya

Sus! I'm becoming a Rice Queen na!

huwell, ito alternate video with lyrrics! san ka pa!

Lyrics | Super Junior lyrics - It's You lyrics

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