Sunday, June 14, 2009

Keeping Up with the Joneses

The war on Marriage equality still rages on in the US and, personally, I got tired of following the dvelopments. It's all frustrating and with little wins here and there to sustain hope. Frankly, I feel that THAT cUntry is just going nowhere.

Obama decided that he'd take the conservative's route on the gay marriage issue... so there goes hope for the Americans.

Gay Marriage was banned from California

New York is not opening it's gates to gay mariage anytime soon

and so on and so forth.

Needless to say, my sympathy has all dried up. Since I'm not American, I'm not forced to live in THAT hateful cUntry.

I'm not saying that the Philippines is a gay haven. Gay couples still have no legal rights in this country. But at least we're not as oppressed as the fags in the US. And frankly, the philippine government is whacked up anyway so gays don;t really need the government. Government benefits aren't all that substantial anyway. SO we gays just decide to get rich and manage our own affairs. haha!

Anyway, the good thing about the gay mariage war in the US is that you get a lot of creative material that's totally entertaining, and well, truly bnefitial for the gay front.

Here's one of the latest (grabbed from Boy Culture, check original post here)

Credits to Stephen Israel.

Here's Keeping Up with the Joneses. ENJOY

Keeping Up With the Joneses from Project Pushback on Vimeo.

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