Monday, June 8, 2009

Hate Plaids!

I can't believe that plaids and check are coming back with a vengeance...

After being set aside for years as table napkins, table cloth and High School uniform, plaids and checks are now making it's way to mainstream fashion and dictating the masses that he's here to grace manila for some time.

It's all over the Penshoppe Fashion Show last May 30. And before that, Folded and hung started the trend with plaid button down shirts in more tight-fitting cuts and lighter fabrics.

photo courtesy of Ramon Tan Mangila

Argh! I hate it!

Plaid bottoms, I can handle. God knows, my fat ass needs those busy patterns! And they're actually quite interesting and does well with plain shirts unlike denims.

But Plaid and checked tops? They are my nightmare...

there's no problem for women's plaid tops. With the wide variety of cuts and playful designs for women, a busy, drabby plaid pattern can easily transform to something really chic and fashionable.

But for men... argh... Plaids and checks are very selective for men. And really, there's not much to do with men's tops. You either look dorky:

lumberjack (lesbian trucker):

Or if you've got that nice tapered body, thick strong arms and confident swagger, you can look realy masculine and totally fuckable zexxxy!

As for me, I definitely don't have that elusive manly swagger. I have more of a queenly flamboyance. :D

I just can't pull it off. I've tried several plaid tops but no matter what style or print i choose, I always look like I'm in drag!!!

as in. mukha akong baklang naging tomboy

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