Thursday, June 25, 2009

Boredom opens doors to new projects

I was totally bored with my date-free weekend that I totally lost the will to go out of the house.

Bummed down with total apathy, I had nothing to do but talk to my laptop. (okay, that's an exaggeration, the whole family was here last weekend and I was also contemplating finishing this book I'm reading, but it's more dramatic that way)

Anyway, I decided to open Photoshop once again and try my hand at prettifying myself.

Below are the results (complete with before and after!


I used this effect I learned which completely made my skin look like plastic. It made good highlights and shadows though.

Obviously, I enjoyed taking out my eye bags! hahaha

Taken during the height of the kufiyah fad (hahaha)

I like the normal surface blur better than the first effect.
Also learned to add some lighting effects and blur effects to create that dramatic effect and direct all the attention on the face.

I also experimented on playing with the eyes to make them pop and look more luminescent (is that the right term?). Anyway, I'm not sure if I'm using the right tools to achieving the effect but it's kinda not obvious yet coz this was just a low-res photo.

The lighting effect kinda washed out the features of my face though and made me look like i have no nose. hahaha

This is a very tragic picture. the person who took this made an attempt at "color correcting" her photos which made them look like they were dipped in marinara sauce. SO aside from the obvious challenge of prettifying myself, there's also the added effort of fixing the color. argh!

I'm pretty proud of this work (obviously I'm displaying it in this blog as a permanent fixture and using it as a header for my Multiply site) Though I feel that it's still pretty flat; proly due to being too trigger happy with the eye bag removal. hahaha!

This was taken by Kerby using his DSLR so it's nice to work on coz it's resolution is so much better than the other photos

I like the result of this one as well, the color is nice and natural, the face looks smooth but not plastic, the eyes don't look too flat...

Now this is just an AWFUL photo. Definitely one of my most UNFLATTERING photos. Come to think about it, I'm not sure why I'm displaying this here

I like this one better coz the skin looks real and it didn't loose all the necessary shaddows and features DESPITE the lighting effects.

All in all, I feel I made the right combinations and blending of the effects on this one.

I especialy love the eyes! so Vampire-ish. I also love the subtle work on the lips. It retained the pinkness and the whiteness of the teeth without being over the top.

I just don't like the shot over-all.

Taken during the Alicia Keys concert. Obviously, I'm wearing some "beauty enhancers" (read: make-up. hahaha) on this photo which makes it a better photo to work on vs the one on top

Among the batch, I like this the best. (sorry Happy, you got cropped)

The skin looks more natural. The eyes pop w/o being too vampire-ish. The eyebags are a bit overworked though (still needs to work on the blending - the vampire photo, over-all has the best blending techniques)

All in all, a productive date-free weekend. And not too shabby work for someone who has NO KNOWLEDGE of Photoshop. hehe

My next projects: learn how to:
  1. Do proper layer blending
  2. Learn more effects I can do with Photoshop
  3. Make colors pop w/o being surreal (Kerby has some real nice color popping photos)
  4. Do some Lomo effects (Tope makes some nice effects like this on his photos)
  5. learn how to "fix" facial features (Sam does some amazing stuff with this)
Oh well, I'll be having more date-free weekends soon... I guess this is good distraction...

UPDATE: I just learned how to manipulate some facial features. wahihi (Identify the photo if you can) The end result is just hilarious coz I kinda look like a vampiric dwarf! wahahahaha

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