Sunday, June 14, 2009

"The Bakla Review" names the cliches of Philippine Gay Movies

I am just sooo delighted with this blog: The Bakla Review.

As the title implies, it's a blog of review about Filipino Gay movies (with the gay perspective, of course).

While I probably wouldn't agree on some of his reviews, I'm definitely amazed that he can devote himself to such a pursuit. I myself can't watch all the gay movies being shown locally (kahit na malapit lang sila sa Rob Galleria).

The thing about this blog is that, unlike some bloggers, he does not bank on titillating his readers with the risque photos of promotional smut indies. Instead, he gives his own INTELLECTUAL take on the crafting of the movie, takes different perspectives and (while he admits his own biases) gives very objective reviews on the entire movie.

Unlike some bloggers, h's actually worth listening to.

I just have to cross-post one of his latest entries entitled: Ten Deadly Clich├ęs of Pinoy Gay Movies

Here's what he had to say:

10. Gays have money, while straight men are poor.

9. Gay men just want to be women.

8. Gays have a tendency to go insane.

7. Straight men are desirable, while gays are not.

6. Male prostitutes have good hearts, while their bosses and clients do not.

5. Gays who are not out and flamboyant are confused or lonely.

4. Safe sex does not exist.

3. Gay relationships don’t last.

2. Giving in to gay desire leads to violent death.

1. Bottoming is the ultimate suffering.

What can I say? I couldn't agree more!

I would love to give a roster of recent gay films subscribing to these cliches but, I'd rather not to avoid any blogfights.

And it's kind of annoying that a lot of films that came up recently still subscribe to these old and worn themes on homosexuality.

My thoughts: It affects us in so many different levels: (1) society; (2) the gay community,and; (3) fil industry

On the societal level:
  1. It is counter-productive on the gay agenda
  2. It reinforces the oppression of homosexuals
  3. It reinforces homophobia
  4. It reinforces gay stereotyping
On the gay community:
  1. It legitimizes gays who subscribes to the stereotype
  2. It confuses (the already-confused) non-stereotypes
  3. It keeps the voices of the un-stereotypical gays unheard and their lives unrepresented

On the film industry:
  1. This keeps the artistic aesthetic and story-telling from progressing
  2. It implies a total lack of social responsibility and artistic integrity
  3. It keeps the medium and the industry from being a key to social change
Okay, mejo heavy na ang mga kine-kiyeme ko dito, but I do hope I get the message across to some of the Pinoy Gay Indie icons who think so highly of themselves to not recognize their artistic failures.

God luck to us all.

Anyway, just wanna promote my fellow-blogger. I love his blog. Do check him out and his wonderful reviews! click here


  1. I like that post of his too.

    Here's to more producers who'd wish to make more art and not just more money!

  2. I'll drink to THAT makre!!!

    ilabas na ang pitchel! glug glug glug!


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