Thursday, June 25, 2009

Boredom opens doors to new projects

I was totally bored with my date-free weekend that I totally lost the will to go out of the house.

Bummed down with total apathy, I had nothing to do but talk to my laptop. (okay, that's an exaggeration, the whole family was here last weekend and I was also contemplating finishing this book I'm reading, but it's more dramatic that way)

Anyway, I decided to open Photoshop once again and try my hand at prettifying myself.

Below are the results (complete with before and after!


I used this effect I learned which completely made my skin look like plastic. It made good highlights and shadows though.

Obviously, I enjoyed taking out my eye bags! hahaha

Taken during the height of the kufiyah fad (hahaha)

I like the normal surface blur better than the first effect.
Also learned to add some lighting effects and blur effects to create that dramatic effect and direct all the attention on the face.

I also experimented on playing with the eyes to make them pop and look more luminescent (is that the right term?). Anyway, I'm not sure if I'm using the right tools to achieving the effect but it's kinda not obvious yet coz this was just a low-res photo.

The lighting effect kinda washed out the features of my face though and made me look like i have no nose. hahaha

This is a very tragic picture. the person who took this made an attempt at "color correcting" her photos which made them look like they were dipped in marinara sauce. SO aside from the obvious challenge of prettifying myself, there's also the added effort of fixing the color. argh!

I'm pretty proud of this work (obviously I'm displaying it in this blog as a permanent fixture and using it as a header for my Multiply site) Though I feel that it's still pretty flat; proly due to being too trigger happy with the eye bag removal. hahaha!

This was taken by Kerby using his DSLR so it's nice to work on coz it's resolution is so much better than the other photos

I like the result of this one as well, the color is nice and natural, the face looks smooth but not plastic, the eyes don't look too flat...

Now this is just an AWFUL photo. Definitely one of my most UNFLATTERING photos. Come to think about it, I'm not sure why I'm displaying this here

I like this one better coz the skin looks real and it didn't loose all the necessary shaddows and features DESPITE the lighting effects.

All in all, I feel I made the right combinations and blending of the effects on this one.

I especialy love the eyes! so Vampire-ish. I also love the subtle work on the lips. It retained the pinkness and the whiteness of the teeth without being over the top.

I just don't like the shot over-all.

Taken during the Alicia Keys concert. Obviously, I'm wearing some "beauty enhancers" (read: make-up. hahaha) on this photo which makes it a better photo to work on vs the one on top

Among the batch, I like this the best. (sorry Happy, you got cropped)

The skin looks more natural. The eyes pop w/o being too vampire-ish. The eyebags are a bit overworked though (still needs to work on the blending - the vampire photo, over-all has the best blending techniques)

All in all, a productive date-free weekend. And not too shabby work for someone who has NO KNOWLEDGE of Photoshop. hehe

My next projects: learn how to:
  1. Do proper layer blending
  2. Learn more effects I can do with Photoshop
  3. Make colors pop w/o being surreal (Kerby has some real nice color popping photos)
  4. Do some Lomo effects (Tope makes some nice effects like this on his photos)
  5. learn how to "fix" facial features (Sam does some amazing stuff with this)
Oh well, I'll be having more date-free weekends soon... I guess this is good distraction...

UPDATE: I just learned how to manipulate some facial features. wahihi (Identify the photo if you can) The end result is just hilarious coz I kinda look like a vampiric dwarf! wahahahaha

INCOMING: Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland

THIS is just f*cking EXCITING!!!!

Tim Burton, awesome director that he is, istaking on Alice in Wonderland!!!

Read the article below from Yahoo! Movies

From the towering skyscrapers of Gotham City, to the foggy village of Sleepy Hollow, on into the candy-colored realm of Willy Wonka's chocolate factory, director Tim Burton has built his reputation on bringing wildly imaginative worlds to life. It was just a matter of time before he ventured into one of the earliest and still beloved fantasy worlds in literature: Lewis Carroll's immortal "Alice in Wonderland."

Burton's movie version isn't simply a retelling of the original 1865 novel. It's a new story that has Alice returning to Wonderland as a teenager several years after the events of Carroll's books "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking-Glass."

But it's not just the story that will be new and innovative in Burton's adaptation. The film will digitally manipulate footage of real actors to create Wonderland's bizarre inhabitants. Burton told Disney's D23 Magazine, "It's kind of a mixture of some distorted live action and animation. I can't relate it to anything because I'm not sure what to relate it to. It's kind of new territory for me."

The visual style of Burton's take on "Alice in Wonderland" has been a closely-guarded secret up until now. Here are five photos revealing how the stars of the movie have been transformed into Carroll's classic characters.

Tres interresant!!! read more about it here

It's scheduled to come out March 5, 2010!!! excited na akoh!!!


Ch-ch-checkidawt!!! Awesome teaser photos below, here are some sketches of the set. LUSCIOUS!!!

AAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDD the absolutely fabulous characters (very conceptual and eerily fun, signature Time Burton):

Alice - some Australian teenager I don't know...

Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Anne Hathaway as the White Queen (I didn't know there was a White Queen in "Wonderland")

Helena Bonham Carter as the "Red Queen" (Now, I'm quite certain it should be the "Queen of Hearts")

and of course, it wouldn't be a Tim Burton movie w/o Johnny Depp!!!!

Ayan, may aabangan na tayo for 2010!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Obama is a disappointment

I rooted for Obama during his campaign

Turns out I'm one of his disappointed supporters

None of his promises on equality for Gays and Lesbians have come to materialize yet.

Listen to Dustin Lance Black as he dishes out brain and heart on this really sound and compelling interview on Anderson Cooper 360:

Below is the weak insultingly placating motion of PObama which Black was talking about:

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Quirk of Folks: Mr. Kuyukot (butt crack) Man

I had the privileged DISpleasure of sitting behind this guy during this morning’s staff meeting.

There I was, a mug of mocha at hand, sipping innocently, when this guy sat on the monoblock in front of me and LO AND BEHOLD there’s his gritty-looking butt crack and flashy red checked boxers staring me right in the face! Ick! Gag! Puke!

I’d like to call him Mr. Kuyukot (butt crack) Man – for the obvious reason that he displays his, er, ASSet... not just this morning but all the time… deliberately…

Peeking undies, peeking butts

Well, normally, this would be reason for a raving blog… I mean, a guy, showing off his butt!?! C’mon!!! Unfortunately, Mr. Kuyukot Man is the living proof that there’s an exception to every rule.

Peeking undies seem to be a trend among guys these days. What with the popularity of low rise jeans, I mean, one can't go freeball all the time, right?

Whether deliberate or not, I say it’s kinda zexy! Of course, it kinda depends on the flasher and the undies being flashed. Nevertheless, it’s always kinda naughty-nice to get that “hello!” down there. Hahaha

This isn’t THAT kind of blog, but I hafta admit, when it’s my boyfriend’s undies that’s peeking, it kinda… huwell, y’know… makes me go “rawr!”

However, Mr. Kuyukot Man gives me a different urge – the strong and almost uncontrollable desire to yank his pants up and staple them onto his butt.

Just plain disgusting

Mr. Kuyukot Man took the trend a bit further and does more than let his boxers peek: he displays most of it (imagine 3-4 inches below the waist/hips) in broad daylight… inside the office… ugh!

Mr. Kuyukot Man appears to be a devout follower of the low-waist fad that was sooo popular way back in the 90s. It’s bad enough that he’s bringing the dead style back, he has to display his tacky boxers which seems to be products of poor laundry.

Usually sporting colorful (and seemingly loose-fitting) boxer shorts, he waddles around with his denims hanging on for dear life around his butt. To complete the “huwatdafack-were-you-thinking” look, he also got that oddly bemused and dazed look on his face matched with a partially open mouth (god forbid if he should drool!). In a tragic way it totally compliments his awful sense of style (well, it’s not TOTALLY awful, but the unflattering boxer display is just too much to bear).

Okay, I have double standards.

To be fair, it’s not as if, it’s a hard-on inducing butt crack he’s displaying… it’s a jiggling, flabby, and quite disgustingly dark (read: mukhang may libag!!!) bit of flesh he parades around the office.

The amazing thing is, Mr Kuyukot Man has got (what would seem like) a girlfriend…


Well, maybe that display has it’s effects on SOME people after all…

Oh well, I just wish he’d tuck it in when he’s at work. I mean c’mon!!! If it works for his lady, then maybe he should just keep the butt crack tease in the bedroom.

As for me, well, I just to be as far away from that camote plantation. PLEASE!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

"The Bakla Review" names the cliches of Philippine Gay Movies

I am just sooo delighted with this blog: The Bakla Review.

As the title implies, it's a blog of review about Filipino Gay movies (with the gay perspective, of course).

While I probably wouldn't agree on some of his reviews, I'm definitely amazed that he can devote himself to such a pursuit. I myself can't watch all the gay movies being shown locally (kahit na malapit lang sila sa Rob Galleria).

The thing about this blog is that, unlike some bloggers, he does not bank on titillating his readers with the risque photos of promotional smut indies. Instead, he gives his own INTELLECTUAL take on the crafting of the movie, takes different perspectives and (while he admits his own biases) gives very objective reviews on the entire movie.

Unlike some bloggers, h's actually worth listening to.

I just have to cross-post one of his latest entries entitled: Ten Deadly Clich├ęs of Pinoy Gay Movies

Here's what he had to say:

10. Gays have money, while straight men are poor.

9. Gay men just want to be women.

8. Gays have a tendency to go insane.

7. Straight men are desirable, while gays are not.

6. Male prostitutes have good hearts, while their bosses and clients do not.

5. Gays who are not out and flamboyant are confused or lonely.

4. Safe sex does not exist.

3. Gay relationships don’t last.

2. Giving in to gay desire leads to violent death.

1. Bottoming is the ultimate suffering.

What can I say? I couldn't agree more!

I would love to give a roster of recent gay films subscribing to these cliches but, I'd rather not to avoid any blogfights.

And it's kind of annoying that a lot of films that came up recently still subscribe to these old and worn themes on homosexuality.

My thoughts: It affects us in so many different levels: (1) society; (2) the gay community,and; (3) fil industry

On the societal level:
  1. It is counter-productive on the gay agenda
  2. It reinforces the oppression of homosexuals
  3. It reinforces homophobia
  4. It reinforces gay stereotyping
On the gay community:
  1. It legitimizes gays who subscribes to the stereotype
  2. It confuses (the already-confused) non-stereotypes
  3. It keeps the voices of the un-stereotypical gays unheard and their lives unrepresented

On the film industry:
  1. This keeps the artistic aesthetic and story-telling from progressing
  2. It implies a total lack of social responsibility and artistic integrity
  3. It keeps the medium and the industry from being a key to social change
Okay, mejo heavy na ang mga kine-kiyeme ko dito, but I do hope I get the message across to some of the Pinoy Gay Indie icons who think so highly of themselves to not recognize their artistic failures.

God luck to us all.

Anyway, just wanna promote my fellow-blogger. I love his blog. Do check him out and his wonderful reviews! click here

Keeping Up with the Joneses

The war on Marriage equality still rages on in the US and, personally, I got tired of following the dvelopments. It's all frustrating and with little wins here and there to sustain hope. Frankly, I feel that THAT cUntry is just going nowhere.

Obama decided that he'd take the conservative's route on the gay marriage issue... so there goes hope for the Americans.

Gay Marriage was banned from California

New York is not opening it's gates to gay mariage anytime soon

and so on and so forth.

Needless to say, my sympathy has all dried up. Since I'm not American, I'm not forced to live in THAT hateful cUntry.

I'm not saying that the Philippines is a gay haven. Gay couples still have no legal rights in this country. But at least we're not as oppressed as the fags in the US. And frankly, the philippine government is whacked up anyway so gays don;t really need the government. Government benefits aren't all that substantial anyway. SO we gays just decide to get rich and manage our own affairs. haha!

Anyway, the good thing about the gay mariage war in the US is that you get a lot of creative material that's totally entertaining, and well, truly bnefitial for the gay front.

Here's one of the latest (grabbed from Boy Culture, check original post here)

Credits to Stephen Israel.

Here's Keeping Up with the Joneses. ENJOY

Keeping Up With the Joneses from Project Pushback on Vimeo.

Dustin Lance Black does a Hayden kho

Have you seen Milk?

Do you know Dustin Lance Black? Y'know, Oscar-winning screenwriter of Milk!!!

Well, not only does he happen to be brilliant, he's also cute and so TOTALLY hot

And now, he just did a Hayden Kho.

Some sex tape photos of the writer got leaked a few days back and is spreading like wildfire.

My take, you can totally look at it 2 ways:

Some people re going like : "Oh my god, I can't believe he did that!!!"

And some, (like me), are like "DUH, he's gay... d'ya think he'd just crochet in his bedroom alone? This only proves that he's HOTT!!!"

Because this is not THAT kind of blog, I'd rather you check the photos from the source.

If you're Ok with gay sex (be warned this is soooo totally NSFW), check out the leaked photos here

Keep an open fly mind y'all!

Adam Lambert on his gayness

IDOL Lambert talks about details of his sexuality after his public acknowledgment of his homosexuality:

Nothing really special about the whole interview, really. I mean, what's so different about it? It's just Adam talking about his own shiz.

But I wanna emphasize on one point which I think is very relevant to this CLOSE FRIEND and most likely to the tons of closeted gays out there. Adam talks about being young and closeted, and this is what he has to say:

When you're a young man/woman and you're in the closet chances are you might not be experiencing some things other kids in HS are experiencing (ie: first kiss, first love, first date)

So help yourself, closeted one s and live a free life!

It's OK to be gay!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's OK to be gay!

The first thing I do when I get home is Facebook. We don't get to do it in the office, so all that Facebooking eagerness explodes on my laptop the moment I get home.

I usually Facebook till I fall asleep on the keyboard. Some people drink milk, some take warm showers, me, I Facebook to get sleepy

And then I saw this one friend's status message... PUTANGINA nawala ang antok ko.

Almost EVRYBODY knows he's gay... and now he's announcing to the world that he's looking for a relatonship.. wth a GIRL!!!



wait... lemme get a hold of myself...







The closet case

Itago natin siya sa pangalang... Tweety (wala lang)

He's one of my closest friends. Despite that, however, he still hasn't come out to me nor to our other friend (let's call her Lucy). When I (finally) announced (more like acknowledged) my green blood-edness, we thought he would follow suit. We were, of course, very much disappointed.

Unlike me, Tweety's not a flaming flamboyant queen of faggotry. So I guess it's not THAT obvious. And since he hasn't told us anything, we just assumed he's straight.

That is, until RUMORS about him started to spread.

"Tweety, nilayuan ng barkada dahil nililigawan ang kabarkadang lalaki"

We said: "no way, he's straight"

"Tweety ayaw tigilan ang kabarkadang lalaki, nililigawan kahit sa YM at email"

We said: "KALOKA! he's straight kaya!"

"Tweety nabugbog dahil nanghipo ng lalaki"

We said: "grabe na yan a! mas OA pa sa the Buzz!"

Someone told me "Hindi ba kaibigan mo yang si Tweety? Bakit hindi mo alam na bading siya?"


We did what good friends do: defend him. He told us he's straight and we're standing by him.


Lucy had an alcohol binging birthday party. Aside from Tweety and me, she also had other guests who were absolutely fantastic people.

The alcohol was overflowing, Lucy was mixes were like delicious poison, soon enough everyone's wasted... off to bed for the gang... EXCEPT for Tweety...

Tweety hung around the living room where one of the guests (a guy - let's call him Manolet) was sobering up

Tweety came up to Manolet... ran his hand across Manolet's chest and whipered... "wag kang magalala tayong dalawa lang naman ang makakaalam e"



Game Over

From then on, it's been a different playing field...

He still hasn't outed himself... And I respect that... All in good time, whenever he's ready.

But PUH-LEASE in the name of all that is fabulous and pink! Tigilan na natin ang pagpapanggap na STRAIGHT ka!!!

Nasusuka na kami!!

sa tuwing nagkukuwento ka na may criush kang bilat

sa tuwing nagkukuwento ka na may "nalilink" na gurlalet sa iyo

sa tuwing nagkukuwento ka na may "nililigawan" kang bellatrix

Those STORIES do NOT prove anything other than the fact that you are PUTTING ON A SHOW; that you are TRYING SO HARD to convince people that you're straight...

The problem is that YOU ARE FAILING... miserably!

You can't convince people that you are something you are not... You can't even convince yourself...

So please save us from exhasperation and save yourself from misery and ridicule...

You are G-A-Y, gay!

You know what the funny thing is?

It's not actually a big deal... but you're turning it into one...

Mabalik tayo sa Facebook

And now you're announcing that you are single... looking for a relationship... interested in women...

Let's not kid ourselves, my friend. Kaya nga ayaw kang i-add ni "730" sa Facebook kasi tropa kayo tapos pinagnasaan mo siya ng bonggang bonga?

If you can't accept the fact that you are gay... y'know what? fine. You can stay in the closet for as long as you want. You can PRETEND to be straight for as long as you want.

But please... don't you even think of sucking someone else into your lonely hole of self-hate... If (and only if - coz I'm rather dubtful you'd be able to get a girlfriend) ever you do manage to get yourself a girlfriend... you'll only end up making her as miserable and as broken as you are...

Parting words, my friend, from the muth of Miz RuPaul herself:

If you can't love yourself, how the hell y'gonna love somebody else?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hate Plaids!

I can't believe that plaids and check are coming back with a vengeance...

After being set aside for years as table napkins, table cloth and High School uniform, plaids and checks are now making it's way to mainstream fashion and dictating the masses that he's here to grace manila for some time.

It's all over the Penshoppe Fashion Show last May 30. And before that, Folded and hung started the trend with plaid button down shirts in more tight-fitting cuts and lighter fabrics.

photo courtesy of Ramon Tan Mangila

Argh! I hate it!

Plaid bottoms, I can handle. God knows, my fat ass needs those busy patterns! And they're actually quite interesting and does well with plain shirts unlike denims.

But Plaid and checked tops? They are my nightmare...

there's no problem for women's plaid tops. With the wide variety of cuts and playful designs for women, a busy, drabby plaid pattern can easily transform to something really chic and fashionable.

But for men... argh... Plaids and checks are very selective for men. And really, there's not much to do with men's tops. You either look dorky:

lumberjack (lesbian trucker):

Or if you've got that nice tapered body, thick strong arms and confident swagger, you can look realy masculine and totally fuckable zexxxy!

As for me, I definitely don't have that elusive manly swagger. I have more of a queenly flamboyance. :D

I just can't pull it off. I've tried several plaid tops but no matter what style or print i choose, I always look like I'm in drag!!!

as in. mukha akong baklang naging tomboy

Monday, June 1, 2009

On mourning

Pinapagalitan ako ng isang kaibigan nung isang araw.

Namatay ang Daddy ng boyfriend ko. Bakit daw hindi man lang ako magpakita ng konting lungkot.

I know a lot of people have faced loss, one way or another. I am one of them. 2003 ng pumanaw sa isang bayolenteng engkuwentro ang tatay ko. One would assume, that in this case, m eof all peoplle, should know how difficult it is to lose a father.

Subalit, inaamin ko naman, may punto siya. In a move that is so unlike me, hindi ko sinabi kahit kanino, maliban sa nanay ko, nang na-stroke ang Daddy ni Christian noong Lunes. Nagsabi na lamang ako kinaumagahan ng Miyerkules ng nalaman ko ang balitang pumanaw na siya.

Pero kahit noon, di ko naman pinakita sa mga kaibigan ko o sa kahit kanino na apektado ako. I never felt it was a necessity to put my heart on my sleeve.

Unlike some people I (painfully) know, I do not use my life's misfortunes and grief to ask for attention. Pitty is the one thing I seldom ask from people.

I've shed my own tears, I admit. I, after all, am a human being feeling (what I would assume) the whole spectrum of human emotions. However, those who know me well, know that I do not show grief publicly. I believe I didn;t even cry when my father died; not during the wake, not during the burial.

People thought I was cold hearted, that I hated my father even up until his death. I don't care what they think.

Ako si Oliver Loyola. Bakla. Makulay. Malandi. Maingay. Mahilig tumawa. Hindi nauubusan ng kuwento at kabastusan. Mataray. Masamang magalit.

Hindi kasama sa role ko bilang si Oliver Loyola ang umiyak at magdalamhati.

Whatever has transpired between Christian and I during this whole ordeal is only for the two of us.

Though I will say this, what's more painful than being so loosely judged is the fact that we are apart when I should be there beside him, holding his hand.

Zachary Quinto bathing in milk

I don't know how to feel about this. For one, I'm going kinda "I KNEW IT I KNEW IT! He's totally GAY!!!!" Then again I feel like if it's from Queerty then nothing good come of it... It's such a sleazy blog (then again, I read it! hahaha)

In one of their posts, Queerty publicly outed Zachary Quinto, of Heroes fame from his role as Sylar and recently much loved for playing pointy-eared Spock. After cross-posting a blind item (which apparently was not-so-blind in the US) Queerty then posted Zach's youtube video bathing in milk and linking it to the said item.

Well, talk about crass, right? I mean, if the dude doesn't wanna come out then it's his problem, right? If he neither confirms nor denies his sexuality, then I guess he's playing on safe ground. But once a gay dude starts posing as a straight guy... well, then ibang usapan na yun.

But I digress.

Below is the alleged video from Queerty:

Can I just say that it's just sooo f^ck*ng HOTT!?! Makes me wanna lap milk off his face! hahahaha.... and the milk spurting... it's just... well... soooo.... suggestive! hihihihi

Trimming the Bush for a Taller Tree

Most gays are really a bit articular about body hair. For realz! There's even some profiles in Planet Romeo that goes like "Please, No to guys with hairy butts!" hahahaha. of well, good luck with that.

Some like their men well-carpeted, some like em full and furry, me I like em well-groomed. eherm. It's just a good sense of grooming and hygiene.

Well, this how-to video is a bit "eeeewwww" for the bush whacking virgins but after you get over the shock it kinda turns funny. hahaha

That's good to know... LOLS!!!
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