Monday, May 25, 2009

On the Hayden Kho/Katrina Halili scandal - What I think the REAL scandal is!

I was finally able to see the Hayden Kho scandals circulating of late, so I feel like this already entitles me to air some of my opinions about the issue:

1. Why is majority of the people directing their contempt at Hayden Kho? I mean I don't get it, especially for Katrina Halili's case. The video recording looks consensual and with the release of their private videos, aren't BOTH of them considerably VICTIMS here?

I mean, c'mon, don;t be like the angry village people from 17th century Europe! Put your torches and pitch forks in the right direction, people! The people in the video are ALL victims. I mean, if they really wanted to release it, they could've done so in a more strategic time when they can actually gain something from it, RIGHT?

The real culprit here is the uploader who distributed these videos!!!

2. Not to mention Katrina is a 'sexy' star so to speak, so a sex scandal, as in most cases, would most likely boost her career. Whereas Hayden Kho who is a doctor (that I think still has to prove his worth as Belo's protege) has more to lose in terms of reputation!?! Katrina should be thankful something like this got out coz it will definitely re-establish her as a 'sexy' star after gaining all hat weight a few months back.

Besides, hindi ba trabaho niya ang maging hubadera? so ano naman ang mawawala sa kanya kung makita ang hubad niyang katawan? e dun naman talaga siya kumikita ng salapi. sus naman!

3. Will someone please shut Bong Revilla up? Why is all this taken to the Seanate (senate nga ba? or congress?) Don't these people have better things to do than: 1) watch sex scandals; 2) dwell on sex scadals, and; 3) meddle with the petty lives of some sleaze balls?

I mean, I would totally understand it if they were discussing important internet regulation shit like how to penalize the release of incriminating videos (as is the case) w/o the consent of concerned parties. Now THAT would be worth taking to the senate, but shouting "Dr. Hayden Kho is a pervert who needs to be stripped of his license to practice medicine!!!" in the senate (and being seen on TV saying so) is just WAAAAAAYYYYYYYY too much of micromanagement. It's a waste of taxpayers money.

And can I just say that Bong revilla is such a hypocrite? As if siya ang bantayog ng moralidad sa Pilipinas! susme naman! We already know you're I is no higher than that of a broom, you're just diiging a deper hole with this effort to look like the celebrities' political go-to person. It's just LAME man!

You know what would have been a more worthwhile case? the banning of BB Gandanghari in THAT bar in Metrowalk! work on that fat daddy!

4. I was watching Showbiz Central yesterday (oo inaamin ko). And looking back, gustong krumpal-krumplain itong si KH sa mga statement niyang "binaboy po kami". Like, HALER!!! anong hinithit mo loka ka? e alam mo naman na nirerecord ang paggiling at pagjujugjugan ninyo noh!!!

May I also add that from the loks of how their were going about their 'business' she sure looked (and sounded!) like she was REALLY enjoying it. Pwede ba! After niya namnamin ang katas ni Hayden e magnga-ngangalngal siya na binaboy siya. Leche.

5. And lastly, PEOPLE, what's the BIG DEAL with seeing 2 people having sex? Don't you have sex? If average Joes like us can score a fuck and more, y'thunk beautiful celebrities won;t be able to manage a couple more? Really, I find it so NOT shocking that they are having sex!

The more shocking thing to me is how the media is turning this to such a big issue to feed the people; how the government, even (!), is riding on the matter to redirect the people's attention; and how STUPID some people are to be led on by such CHEAP media tactics!

Hindi ba mas malaking concerns ang multiple sex partners ni Hayden and the occasional unprotected sex over the fact that he IS having sex???

Don't be brainwashed by the media people, this is a classic case of Agenda Setting! wake up!

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