Monday, May 25, 2009

Last hurrah and American Idol-atry

Since the finale, I'm still trying hard to cling on to the American Idol-atry. I can't believe it's over! I CAN'T believe Kris Allen won!!!

I started downloading the studio recordings over the weekend and I'm listening to them now... I still CAN'T believe that Kris won with his so-so vocals and performances...

His voice is like soooo VANILLA... it's a nice stable flavor but there's nothing REALLY special about it...

If Adam was to lose, I would've wanted it to be with Danny Gokey... at least that guy's vocals is unique and interesting. But KRIS??? c'mon! He sounds like one of those acoustic singers who goes big one day then just fades into the background and then you him palying in some obscure bars or something.

Nothing against Kris, I think he's a good singer, but there are a LOT of BETTER singers in the competition!!!

Still can't get over the results... so, I developed some wahcked up theories about it (hehe):

1. AI, after all, is won through votes, so it's really a matter of the LCD taste... just so happens that a lot of Americans who voted doesn't have taste! (haha)

2. America is a VERY homophobic CUNTry and they didn;t let Adam wn just for spite of the gays

3. This is like a Gayken-Reuben or Fantasia-J Hud scenario where the contest losers actually make a better career than the winner.

4. They let Kris win coz that's all he will get out of the competition: a title and 1-time record deal. While Adam will have a much much more successful recording career. hahaha


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