Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hindi ako Vilmanian pero pakshet kelangang mapanod ko itong "In My Life"

I heard this in the news a few weeks back that Ate V's over at NYC shooting a new movie. Of course that night I wasn't able to react coz my mother was the one all gaga over this news. Sharonian siya pero feeling niya e siya ang real life Ate V kaya hinayaan ko n alang si inay.

It was until I read this article yesterday that "In My Life" finally caught my attention.

John Lloyd Cruz and Luis Manzano in a gay kiss!!! WWWAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

This is such BIG NEWS!!! It appears this is going to be the FIRST TIME (not sure, though) that there will be portrayals of discreet homosexuals on mainstream cinema!!! (sana lang wag ma-censor)

I mean, ever since I was a kid Mainstream TV/Cinemas depiction of gays are mostly embodied by the characters played by Roderick Paulate (eg Petrang Kabayo), Dolphy's Fasificafalayfay and Markova, Eric Quizon in Happy Together, etc etc. To the mainstream media, gays=flamboyant and effeminate.

I'm not saying that this is not true. Though for the most part, this has crafted the people's view (both hetero and homo) of what homosexuals are.

And I think that it is ABOUT TIME that gays are portrayed to be other than Petrang Kabayo, di ba?

The info about the film is quite limited. From what I've managed to gather, it's gonna be shown on September this year (buti na lang hindi sa MMFF). As for the plot, all I know is that ATe V plays a librarian who has a discreet gay son (John Lloyd) who's got a thing with Luis.

Well, I'm definitely interested in how the director (Olive Manahan??) and the writers will handle homosexuality in this movie.

I am REALLY REALLY hoping that they'd do a great job for this.

Wouldn't it be funny if a mainstream movie such as this one would have been able to tackle homosexuality in a much fairer light compared to the sloppy and sleazy jobs most "indie" gay movies do?

Oh that would be one great big slap on the face of those sleazy scumbags who try to pass themselves and their porn as 'art!'

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