Friday, May 29, 2009

Meet the parent

I was finally able to met Christian's family (even Theajave!!!) and they were all really nice.

It's just so sad that we'd be meeting during the wake of my Bebi's dad.

Be strong, be. Know that you are always loved.

Monday, May 25, 2009

On the Hayden Kho/Katrina Halili scandal - What I think the REAL scandal is!

I was finally able to see the Hayden Kho scandals circulating of late, so I feel like this already entitles me to air some of my opinions about the issue:

1. Why is majority of the people directing their contempt at Hayden Kho? I mean I don't get it, especially for Katrina Halili's case. The video recording looks consensual and with the release of their private videos, aren't BOTH of them considerably VICTIMS here?

I mean, c'mon, don;t be like the angry village people from 17th century Europe! Put your torches and pitch forks in the right direction, people! The people in the video are ALL victims. I mean, if they really wanted to release it, they could've done so in a more strategic time when they can actually gain something from it, RIGHT?

The real culprit here is the uploader who distributed these videos!!!

2. Not to mention Katrina is a 'sexy' star so to speak, so a sex scandal, as in most cases, would most likely boost her career. Whereas Hayden Kho who is a doctor (that I think still has to prove his worth as Belo's protege) has more to lose in terms of reputation!?! Katrina should be thankful something like this got out coz it will definitely re-establish her as a 'sexy' star after gaining all hat weight a few months back.

Besides, hindi ba trabaho niya ang maging hubadera? so ano naman ang mawawala sa kanya kung makita ang hubad niyang katawan? e dun naman talaga siya kumikita ng salapi. sus naman!

3. Will someone please shut Bong Revilla up? Why is all this taken to the Seanate (senate nga ba? or congress?) Don't these people have better things to do than: 1) watch sex scandals; 2) dwell on sex scadals, and; 3) meddle with the petty lives of some sleaze balls?

I mean, I would totally understand it if they were discussing important internet regulation shit like how to penalize the release of incriminating videos (as is the case) w/o the consent of concerned parties. Now THAT would be worth taking to the senate, but shouting "Dr. Hayden Kho is a pervert who needs to be stripped of his license to practice medicine!!!" in the senate (and being seen on TV saying so) is just WAAAAAAYYYYYYYY too much of micromanagement. It's a waste of taxpayers money.

And can I just say that Bong revilla is such a hypocrite? As if siya ang bantayog ng moralidad sa Pilipinas! susme naman! We already know you're I is no higher than that of a broom, you're just diiging a deper hole with this effort to look like the celebrities' political go-to person. It's just LAME man!

You know what would have been a more worthwhile case? the banning of BB Gandanghari in THAT bar in Metrowalk! work on that fat daddy!

4. I was watching Showbiz Central yesterday (oo inaamin ko). And looking back, gustong krumpal-krumplain itong si KH sa mga statement niyang "binaboy po kami". Like, HALER!!! anong hinithit mo loka ka? e alam mo naman na nirerecord ang paggiling at pagjujugjugan ninyo noh!!!

May I also add that from the loks of how their were going about their 'business' she sure looked (and sounded!) like she was REALLY enjoying it. Pwede ba! After niya namnamin ang katas ni Hayden e magnga-ngangalngal siya na binaboy siya. Leche.

5. And lastly, PEOPLE, what's the BIG DEAL with seeing 2 people having sex? Don't you have sex? If average Joes like us can score a fuck and more, y'thunk beautiful celebrities won;t be able to manage a couple more? Really, I find it so NOT shocking that they are having sex!

The more shocking thing to me is how the media is turning this to such a big issue to feed the people; how the government, even (!), is riding on the matter to redirect the people's attention; and how STUPID some people are to be led on by such CHEAP media tactics!

Hindi ba mas malaking concerns ang multiple sex partners ni Hayden and the occasional unprotected sex over the fact that he IS having sex???

Don't be brainwashed by the media people, this is a classic case of Agenda Setting! wake up!


Looking at this blog's Analytics results, it appears that the most visited post in the blog is the one about Lady gaga's boobs having stretch marks...

haaay nakakawalang gna tuloy sumulat...

I feel like all just the mention of boobs, pussy, cock, dick, fuck, sex, porn, syck, etc etc gets a site some traffic these days...


so much for making yourself heard.

and SOME bloggers feel that being heard by a lot of people does not give them any social responsibility. HAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY

Last hurrah and American Idol-atry

Since the finale, I'm still trying hard to cling on to the American Idol-atry. I can't believe it's over! I CAN'T believe Kris Allen won!!!

I started downloading the studio recordings over the weekend and I'm listening to them now... I still CAN'T believe that Kris won with his so-so vocals and performances...

His voice is like soooo VANILLA... it's a nice stable flavor but there's nothing REALLY special about it...

If Adam was to lose, I would've wanted it to be with Danny Gokey... at least that guy's vocals is unique and interesting. But KRIS??? c'mon! He sounds like one of those acoustic singers who goes big one day then just fades into the background and then you him palying in some obscure bars or something.

Nothing against Kris, I think he's a good singer, but there are a LOT of BETTER singers in the competition!!!

Still can't get over the results... so, I developed some wahcked up theories about it (hehe):

1. AI, after all, is won through votes, so it's really a matter of the LCD taste... just so happens that a lot of Americans who voted doesn't have taste! (haha)

2. America is a VERY homophobic CUNTry and they didn;t let Adam wn just for spite of the gays

3. This is like a Gayken-Reuben or Fantasia-J Hud scenario where the contest losers actually make a better career than the winner.

4. They let Kris win coz that's all he will get out of the competition: a title and 1-time record deal. While Adam will have a much much more successful recording career. hahaha


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Down with flu (non-swne, hopefully)


I'm down with the flu.

It started Saturday morning, I woke up to a very itchy throat; thought nothing about it and went ahead woth my weekend plans (lunch with my HS friends).

By the time we got to dessert, my nose was already runny. By the time I got home I was already feverish. Panahon na naman para mamapak ng biogesic, bioflu, at amoxil.

Lingo na ngayon at kahit humupa na ang lagnat ko, ang sakit ng lalamunan ko e umaalagwa pa din at ang ilong ko ay mistulan ng yang tze river. kumusta naman, sayang nag weekend ko.

At sumabay pa talaga sa busiest week sa office.

Nananalangin lang ako na sana nawa'y hindi ito swine flu! susme, it's one thing to be piggy and to look like a pig, quite another to get pig disease! ngiyay!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

KIYEMBOT!!! Bukingking!!! Ocho-ocho ala Beyonce!

It's out!!!

Lymabas na ang bagong videong ki-kiyembutan ng sangkabadingan ng republic of the Philippines: "EGO" ni Beyonce!!!

Una kong naulinigan ang kakiyembutang ito kay Mrs J, isang fellow RBP Blogger, at ito ang kanyang inilantad: and Demo choreography ng Ego:

O divine? Demo pa lang, tarush na?

AT kahapon, I think, lumabas ang official music video sa site ni Sisterette Beyonce at ito maalindog na kumbinasyon ng pagkiyembot at pagbukingking at pag ocho-ocho niya:

Siya! simulan na ang pagpapa-practice para sa darating na mga gatherings, formal functions, at christmas parties!

woo hoo!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Writing hiatus

argh! can't write!!!!

It's like I got sht in the head and the writing bit in my brain got hit!

And I've had so many good material for days now...


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Hindi ako Vilmanian pero pakshet kelangang mapanod ko itong "In My Life"

I heard this in the news a few weeks back that Ate V's over at NYC shooting a new movie. Of course that night I wasn't able to react coz my mother was the one all gaga over this news. Sharonian siya pero feeling niya e siya ang real life Ate V kaya hinayaan ko n alang si inay.

It was until I read this article yesterday that "In My Life" finally caught my attention.

John Lloyd Cruz and Luis Manzano in a gay kiss!!! WWWAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

This is such BIG NEWS!!! It appears this is going to be the FIRST TIME (not sure, though) that there will be portrayals of discreet homosexuals on mainstream cinema!!! (sana lang wag ma-censor)

I mean, ever since I was a kid Mainstream TV/Cinemas depiction of gays are mostly embodied by the characters played by Roderick Paulate (eg Petrang Kabayo), Dolphy's Fasificafalayfay and Markova, Eric Quizon in Happy Together, etc etc. To the mainstream media, gays=flamboyant and effeminate.

I'm not saying that this is not true. Though for the most part, this has crafted the people's view (both hetero and homo) of what homosexuals are.

And I think that it is ABOUT TIME that gays are portrayed to be other than Petrang Kabayo, di ba?

The info about the film is quite limited. From what I've managed to gather, it's gonna be shown on September this year (buti na lang hindi sa MMFF). As for the plot, all I know is that ATe V plays a librarian who has a discreet gay son (John Lloyd) who's got a thing with Luis.

Well, I'm definitely interested in how the director (Olive Manahan??) and the writers will handle homosexuality in this movie.

I am REALLY REALLY hoping that they'd do a great job for this.

Wouldn't it be funny if a mainstream movie such as this one would have been able to tackle homosexuality in a much fairer light compared to the sloppy and sleazy jobs most "indie" gay movies do?

Oh that would be one great big slap on the face of those sleazy scumbags who try to pass themselves and their porn as 'art!'

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hindi "parang isang bagay" ang mga bakla, tao po kami

Mayo na naman kung kaya't umaalagwa na naman sa rampahan ang mga dalaginding, bata, matatanda, at mga nagga-gandahang dragona/sirena or for more PC chenes, Transgender sisters!

Siyempre dahil ang santacruzan ay isang religious tradition commemorating the Queen Helena's search for the cross together with Constantine, mega react ang simbahan sa mga pabonggahang nagaganap.

Hindi nga naman Beau Con ang santacruzan mga ineng!

But wait! bakit inaalipusta na naman ang mga becky?

Sa isang interview kay Caloocan Bishop Deogracias Iniguez, Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines-Episcopal Commission on Public Affairs head, tungkol sa pagsali ng mga bading sa santacruzan, sinabi niya:

Bilang isang religious activity, ang ating pananaw ngayon ay hindi po dapat lalahukan ng mga bakla sa pagkat ang mga bakla ay parang isang bagay na abnormal sa ating sitwasyon at karaniwan pag merong mga paglahok nila ay ang pagtingin ng mga karamihan sa atin ay parang nababastos na gawin

Ayoko na sanang patulan pero talaga namang nakakapag-init ng ulo, di ba!?!

Basahin ang buong article at ang aking opinyon sa issue sa Rainbow Bloggers Philippines.

Matagal ko ng tanggap na ang mga tulad ko ay sinusuka ng simbahan.

Hindi na ako makikipagtalo sa merits ng posisyon ko, dahil matagal ko na ding natanggap na walang patutunguhan ito.

Hindi ko naman kailangan ang simbahan para magdasal at kausapin ang Diyos di ba?

Simple lang naman... Kung ayaw nila sakin e di huwag! KIYEMBOT!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

to all the homophobes, this one's for y'all

After seeing this video, I immediately downloaded Lily Allen's album! I don;t care if she's a messy twat, this song is just so F*CK*NG addicting!!!

Here, check out the video and I'm sure love it too:

Don't you just LAV it? (And popsicle boys! Don't forget the popsicle boys!!!). It mixes that Batibot lightness and bitchy sass perfectly!

Such a fun and direct-to-the-point way of gettig back to all thos ehaters who keep on picking on PLUs. And check out the lyrics below:

Look inside, look inside your tiny mind
and look a bit harder
cause we’re so uninspired

so sick and tired
of all the hatred you harbor

so you say it’s not okay to be gay
well I think you’re just evil

you’re just some racist who can’t tie my laces
you’re point of view is medieval

Fuck you, fuck you very very much
cause we hate what you do
and we hate your whole crew
so please don’t stay in touch

fuck you, fuck you very very much
cause your words don’t translate
and it’s getting quite late
so please don’t stay in touch

do you get, do you get a little kick out of being small-minded?
you want to be like your father
it’s approval you’re after
well that’s not how you’ll find it

do you, do you really enjoy living a life that’s so hateful
cause there’s a hole where your soul should be
you’re losing control of it
and it’s really distasteful

Fuck you, fuck you very very much
cause we hate what you do
and we hate your whole crew
so please don’t stay in touch

Fuck you, fuck you very very much
cause your words don’t translate
and it’s getting quite late
so please don’t stay in touch

Look inside, look inside your tiny mind
and look a bit harder
cause we’re so uninspired
so sick and tired
of all the hatred you harbor

Fuck you, fuck you very very much
cause we hate what you do
and we hate your whole crew
so please don’t stay in touch

Fuck you, fuck you very very much
cause your words don’t translate
and it’s getting quite late
so please don’t stay in touch

Ang nagbabantang pagbabalik ni BB, ang baklang baldado

Nagising ako kaninang umaga na sumasakit ang aking kaliwang balakang...

Nkakatawa sana ang pangyayaring ito, para akong matandang nirarayuma, ang kaso nung huling beses na nangyari ito e halos 2 buwan akong di nakalakad.

Hindi ako nagpapatinag sa sakit.

Pinakita ko sa nanay ko na kaya ko ang sarili ko. Pumasok pa nga ako ngyaon sa opisina just to prove my point.

Ang totoo niyan, hindi naman siya kasing sakit ng dati. Kumikirot lang siya kapag inaapak ko ang kaliwa kong paa.

Pero ngayon, 3:45 ng hapon, wala pang 7 oras sa trabaho, ay nagsisimula ng mangawit ng likod ko. Nararamdaman ko siya, nagrereklamo. Hndi na niya kayang dalin ang bigat ng katawan ko.

Bukas, panigurado, papasok ako ng nakatungkod at spine support.

Ayoko namang takutin ang sarili ko. Alam kong panandalian sakit lamang ito. Kaya pa naman sigurong daanin sa usual na theraphy at exercise sa bahay.

Pero ang totoo niyan, natatakot ako.

Ayoko ng bumalik sa ospital.

Friday, May 8, 2009




nabasa ni Victor ang "Wet Panty" entries ko!



Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lakad, laboy, date, pagod

Simula nung na-ospital ako nung December (see related post), e parang never na akong naka-recover ng ayos at paminsan minsan e inaatake pa rin ako ng sakit ng katawan.

Kapag ako'y nasakay ng jeep, madalas ay hirap ako bumaba gawa ng pagyuko

Kapag naman matagal akong nakaupo e hirap naman ako tumayo at lumakad

Madali na ring mangawit ang likod ko ngayon.

Katulad kanina: dahil walang traffic c/o the pambansang kamao, Manny Pacquiao, sinamantala namin ni Christian ang maglibot libot... Actually chenes lang si Manny, plano talaga namin maglibot because y'know, Sunday is date day and all that.


Umaga pa lamang e kandakumahog na akong madala ang mga dapat kong dalin gawa nga ng magkikita kame... ang sandamakmak na mp3 ng Hed Kandi at kung anik anik pang house chorva music cheneler, ang mga peg ng prospective hairstyles niya, ang pasalubong ko sa kanyang Goya Mint Chocolate, at ang props kong View Master para sa Quiapo (mahabang kuwento)

Mula Pasig, ang biyahe ko ay jeep, bus, at jeep ulit. Mejo nakadalawang jeep ako papuntang Las Pinas dahil nakasakay kami ng holdaper. Nakakatagtag lang pero OK naman kse lunch din kme agad pagkatapos at "tumamabay" lang kame sa bago niyang bahay... hehehe.

Mga bandang alas tres na ng nakaalis kame ng bahay. Nagbus naman kami papuntang Buendia/Gl Puyat kung saan nag LRT naman kami hanggang Carriedo.

Mula sa istasyon e nilibot libot namin ang Hidalgo sa paghanap ng photography shop na may kakayanan pang magprint ng slide reel.

Hindi successful ang adventure namin na yun. so may I lakad kami around Quiapo, sa church, sa underpass, sa Echague sabay sakay ng jeep hanggang Recto.

Mula Recto nag G-liner kame hanggang Greenhills.

At dahil ang Greenhills e naguumapaw sa damit, cellphone, bags, at kung anu-ano pang bagay na nagpapaikot sa mundo ni Christian (okay, sa mundo ko din! haha) e mejo nag-ala-Indiana Jones kami sa pagsuyod ng Shopping Center hangang sa dumating si buyer ng iPhone niya (binenta na niya ang kanyang 8g dahil narealize niya na kulang ang 8g sa kanya! wahahahaha!Hndi ko talaga bet ang iPhone, swear)

From Greenhills e jeep naman kame hangang EDSA. Pakshet ang jeep na hindi na pala natawid ng EDSA papunta Galleria. hmpf. so lakad again up and down the overpass hanggang sa ma-reach ang Gale, nagpajikot jikot, in the end, wit kame nahita sa GAYleria dahil walang magandang palabas.

So go sa gamol kame, rampage galore lang kse ang shugal magpuno ng Vanessa Williams.

Pag arive to the MeGAYmall e sus, inatake na ako ng katandaan at shumakit na ang likuran key. Hindi kinaya ng kapangyarihan ng bato ang adventure galore namin around the Metro.

Ang totoo niyan, nakakpagod siya. as in hanggang ngayon nararamdaman ko pa rin ang Quiapo sa balakang koh, shuket!

At nagyong patulog na ako, naiisip ko tuloy bakit nga ba kami nagpakapagod ng husto? Pwede naman kaming shumigil na lang sa bahay, bumorlog at "tumamabay" galore. Pwede naman sa ATC na lang kame rumampage. Keri naman lumafang sa SM Southmall.

Actually, pwede naman dumaretso na lang ako sa Quiapo nung umaga and have it over and done with. Bakit nga ba ako humahanap pa ng sakit ng katawan?

And in a flash, parang di man lang nag-isip, lalabas sa isip ko ang sagot:

... ang makita ang ngiti ni Christian sa unang pagkakita niya sakin (may kasama pang kiss)

... ang marinig ang pa-cute niyang "Awwww tenkyu bebi alabshu, pakiss!" pagkabigay ko ng Goya Mint Chocolate

... ang pag-akay niya sa akin habang nasa gitna ng crowd ng Quiapo

... ang pag-akbay niya habang nakasakay kami ng bus

... ang mga panakaw na kiss (kileeeg) habang paikot-ikot kami ng Greenhills

... ang pursigido niyang paghahanap ng cellphone para sa akin kahit na hindi naman ako bibili at mas kailangan niya ng bago

... ang paglalambing niya sa loob ng jeep kahit na pinagchichismisan kami ng pokpoking babae sa tapat namin

... ang marinig siyang sabihin na "may maganda kayang Indie ngayon" dahil alam niyang yun ang hilig ko

... ang marinig siyang pinaplano ang mga susunod na araw para sa aming muling date :)

... ang samahan niya ako sa impossible quest ng paghahanap ng utensil rack para sa nanay ko (may specific siyang gustong utensil rack na ewan ko ba kung san meron!)

... at ang makitang bukal sa kanyang kalooban ng sinabi niyang "Ingat ka bebi, miss na kita agad."

Sulit naman pala ang akit ng likod...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

REVIEW: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

WARNING: This entry contains spoilers and some images that might be NSFW

Personally, I felt like it was a big pppffffffffffffffffttttttttttttttt

As in bleurgh! It's so craptastic I can't find proper words to rant about it

The only things that made this movie bearable are:

1. The few glimpses of Hugh Jackman's ass

2. Several shots of Hugh Jackman's HOTT HOTT HOTT bod

3. Several shots of Hugh Jackman half-naked

4. Hugh jackman wearing slinky tops roaring like a sexy, sweaty, and totally hunkalicious mad man

5. There's also the treat of seeing Ryan Reynolds half-naked (hairless this time!), and staring at Daniel Henney's lovely smile (Keng, kilala ko na kung sino siya! hehe)

6. Oh, and have I mentioned that Hugh Jackman has got a HOTT HOTT ass? (even when he's wearing denim pants!)

What I think about the movie:

1. I've seen better story lines from Pixar (actualy Pixar DOES have GREAT stories and they are always well told. simple but well thought of)

X-Men has a very compelling story that has transcended the years and have made it relevant no mater what decade it's being told. Wolverine has one of the most touching stories as well! But you can barely feel the pain.


They were laid out as if to tell the viewers that: "okay, this happened first, okay, that's done, then the next scene is this, and then this, and then this..."

There was no flavor, no elaborations on themes like the growing moral conflict in Wolverine when he joined Striker's team, no color in how significant his relationship was with THAT girl, or how difficult it was for him to live a normal life seeing the many complications of his condition, the anger, the sorrow, the heartbreaking discovery of finding your loved one killed...

The snippets of Logan's life were laid off as if you were just looking at album photos... It's just so bland, there's no build up to it. What a way to massacre a good material.

2. I've seen better action direction and action scenes from Die Hard.

I never felt that Die Hard was not a "stroy movie". People watched it because of the testosterone/adrenaline-inducing action scenes. Wolverine tried to acheive some bigness in the action scenes (like Wolverine taking down a helicopter - yuck! so Van Dame - or the attle scene on top of the nuclear reactor thingy) but failed.

The most disgustingly cliche scene was when Wolverine ignites the gas trail leading to the helicopter; they go to long shot of Wolverine walking away from the helicopter, so cool as if he's having the time of day, as the helicopter EXPLODES as if several bombs were planted in the vehicle! ARGH so Antonio Banderas in Desperado

3. "The Never-ending Story" had better Visual effects!

Okay, that's an exaggeration BUT for it's time, Never-ending Story has great visuals! X-Men Origins' effects, on the other hand, were poorly executed!

The quality takes us back 10,15 years ago in the era when chroma backgrounds were SOOOOO noticeable you'd think they were doing back projections. And the CLAWS! man! There's a scene were Wolverine kind of plays with his claws in front of the bathroom mirror and they look so ROUGHLY hewn; as if hindi na dumaan sa finishing touches.

And what's with turning Patrick Stewart into mad Botox face? Really! I think he looked more bloated than young...

It's REALLY disappointing

4. The Direction was really poor.

Just compare it to the past X-men films: Bryan Singer did a fairly good job with the first 2 installments. Bret Rattner did a bang up job for The Last Stand (probably because he has better material?). But Gavin Hood's job was just ugh! kadiri!

Gavin Hood's directorial resume includes (from imdb):
  1. Rendition (2007)
  2. Tsotsi (2005)
    ... aka Thug (International: English title: literal English title)
  3. "W pustyni i w puszczy" (2002) TV mini-series
  4. W pustyni i w puszczy (2001)
    ... aka In Desert and Wilderness (International: English title)
    ... aka Stas and Nel Adventures (USA: informal English title)
  5. A Reasonable Man (1999)
  6. The Storekeeper (1998)

I have no idea what these films are and I did not care to research. Point of the matter is that his take of the potentially million-dollar property of X-Men Origins was just oh so sloppy!

The scenes were so "tableau-ish" I can imagine him giving directions to Hugh Jackman like: "Okay, Hugh, concentrate on moving all your facial features towards your nose, spread those arms like a vulture and growl like you're an animal"

Not to mention, all the stuff I mentioned earlier all boils down to the director.

That among other things... well, it REALLY made the movie corny...

That being said, I just want to say the I loved the cast (with the exception of Taylor Kitsch as Gambit and Lynn Collins - who the hell i she? - as Kayla. Kitsch is a bit too weak when put side by side the other cast members and Kayla was just oh so fug for Hugh Jackman. Hugh Jackman looks so much prettier! haha)

Oh, and have I mentioned that I totally loved Hugh Jackman? (hehehe)

But that's just me. How about you? How id you find it?
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