Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sino'ng Vice Ganda!?!?

A few weeks ago, we had this event and we were al instructed to dress up for the occasion.

The theme was something like MTV Awards... It's all kinda vague but we narowed it down to 'casual chic" (whatever that is)

Since my only fanatbulous outfits in my closet are only fit for Las Vegas showgirls (charos) and I didn't want my office mates to think I'm a completely weird fag (although I kinda am...)... I decided to channel Mr HOTTNESS Justin Timberlake and chose to do something like this:

OK, I know, it's kinda ambitious to look like JT as I don't have that cool manly swagger of his... nevertheless I tried naman...

May outfit consultation pa sa Bebi ko:

o di ba? kaloka!?!

Anyway, I ended up looking like this:

And yes, I'm wearing some eye make-up! Shempre! para mas vongacious davah?

Paglabas ko ng bahay namin e susme pinagtitinginan ako ng mga kapitbahay... and then nung pasakay na ako ng taxi, may isang batang sumigaw...

"Hinde! si Vice Ganda yan!!!"

Punyetang bata yun!?! Kamukha ko ba itoh!?!



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