Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sign language has never been this HOTT

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Let's start off with the ugly bit: the performance is kinda dry, to be honest. I mean, there's a lotta room of improvement in terms of production value. I man, throw in some half-naked back-up dancers, some stage props and fancy lights and it woulda been perfection.

But as for the talent... well, let's just say there SO MUCH 'talent' to keep me awake tonight! (hehehe)

I simply get enough Michael Dimartino... he's just so... drool-worthy talented...

The way he moves is simply hipnotic and his body! ACK his BODY! lemme quote Didi from Zsazsa Zaturnnah:

Braso pa lang ay ulam na
bigyan mo 'kong tinidor at ng kutsara
Ang lalakeng ito'y pinapaikot at ikot
ang bahay bata ko!
Nakakatunaw ng laman, ay!
Nakakainit ng ulo

Yun lang. Ayoko ng magsulat, baka kung ano pa masabi ko at baka maaway pa ako.

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