Tuesday, April 14, 2009

REVIEW: The Amazing Truth About Queen Raquela

Last Sunday ay finally natupad na ang pangarap kong mapanood ang Queen Raquela...

Sobrang hirap humanap ng mauupuan... kasi lahat sila bakante!!!

There's like only 6 people inside the cinema watching the movie. And it's really sad coz like a sucky movie like, say for example, Push, is able to get a decent number of viewers only because of the sole virtue of Chris Evans' innate hotness:

OK, I admit I dragged my BF to watch the movie coz I was REALLY hoping he'd take off his shirt. Well, no luck there.

and the fascination of seeing Dakota Fanning as a teen.

When we watched Push, at least the cinema was hall full, whereas Raquela only had 6! fucking 6 viewers! How fucked up is that!?!

Well, so much for the Indie/art film market...

Here's what I think about Raquela:

It may not be exceptionally brilliant, but it was unique, heartbreakingly real and it's so honest it hurts. It's a bittersweet tale of one's struggle for the dream that was not for her.

The posters says it all:

A Cinderela Story

On the onset, you get the feeling of struggle. The struggle of the Transgendered was there, from the gay bashing to prostitution, to discrimination. But aside from that we also get a taste of the "typical" FIlipino/Thrid-world struggle: of poverty, the lack of opportunities and/or priviledges.

And the dream. Yes it's all about the dream. And for Racquela (and perhaps for majority of the misinformed Transgendered people as well) it was to be swept away by her Prince Charmng: a rich foreigner who will take her to the streets of Paris where she'd walk down and be fabulous...

And like yor typical Cinderella, she rises from her God-forsaken spot in the Earth and was given the opportunity to go to Europe, meet her Prince Charming, and stroll in the streets of Paris

Not Your Everyday Fairy Tale

Aside from the obvious twist that Raquela is transgendered, her dreams revealed to be far from ideal.

She reaches Iceland with the help of a half-asian trans girl she met online. But instead of her dream of living in a winter wonderland she is taken to a fish factory, she gets a 2nd job as a household help, and on top of it all, she was discouraged from getting her freak on!

Her NY-based employer, in a way, falls in love with her, buys her a ticket to Paris and gives her and all-expenses paid Parisian Vacation. However, she discovers that it takes more than money and a rich white guy for her to fall in love.

She ditches the yankee and tries to live her dream of parading down the streets of Paris... However, instead of getting jealous stares, she gets looks of insult.

She flies back to the Philippines; dreams asunder.

The Amazing Truth...

... is that this tale of awakening is not only true to the transgendered's case but can also be true for most of us.

It's all about dreaming... dreaming so hard that it hurts... dreaming so hard that one goes through hell and back for that dream... and then finally reaching your dream to find that one ends up in a nightmare.

What makes Raquela's tale much more heartwrenching was that she didn't have to go to hell, she was already in it. She had nothing but her dream. She was living her nightmare of a life for a dream which eventually will just leave her broken.

Queen Raquela, however sad, was an eye opener. To the ill-informed (such as I), this opened my eyes to the some of the bitter truths about transgendered girls in the philippines. And it also serves as a cautionary tale to the seekers of good fortune in foreign soil.

All in all, I'd give it 3 and half pink stars! :D

PS: t was such a heavy film that we watched Monsters vs Aliens right after! hehehe

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